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LIVE UNGA 73rd Ses/2018 




  13-20 August 2018  

     Kilauea Hawaii     


World Met/Day-23 March 2018 ‘Weather Ready-Climate Smart

Thunderbolts Without Rain Winter Anti-Cyclone (26-30 April 2017)

Thunderstorms Approaching Mauritius, Rodrigues and Reunion (05-08) April 2017.



 ENAWO Intense Tropical Cyclone (03-08 March 2017)  South Indian Ocean-4th 100% Perfect PREDICTION.


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CARLOS Tropical Cyclone

(04-07) February 2017- S-W Indian Ocean,

another 100% Perfect PREDICTION.





DINEO-Cyclone  Click Animation- 13 Feb. 2017 (courtesy: NOAA)






FLOOD STORM and Cyclone CARLOS- January 2017.




LUNAR Eclipse-Friday 16 Sep. 2016. 



''NASA Sees Hurricane Matthew'' . Click to watch LIVE from NOAA or Watch from NASA/GPM here 






 LIVE from UN 71st Session  Speech of Sir Anerod Jugnauth PM of Mauritius.






SUN Annular Eclipse from Central Atl/Ocean to SE Indian Ocean-01 September 2016. 





THUNDERBOLTS trigger Heavy Rainfalls in Mauritius and

Rodrigues (28-30) April 2016.


BAN KI-MOON 08-10 May 2016

   Mission in Mauritius.



Part of FANTALA VITC with METEOSAT 7 Video




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Watch Video DAYA Cyclone and TORRENTIAL RAIN  10-13 February 2016: South-West Indian Ocean





WMO Video 23 March-World Meteorological Day 2016





HALO SUN and MOON Predicting FLOOD for MARCH 2016
Halo Sun and Moon March 2016





 Cyclone CORENTIN January 2016

explans the cyclon correntin





 Flood Storm 31 December 2015

Explains the prediction of flood storm of dec 2015







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  I was in the office of the Lord Mayor of Port Louis on Thursday 07 February 2013, in order to explain to him and to present my conference on the disastrous Flood and the dangerous Cyclone (GINO) that were approaching and which I had predicted since 03 February. He did not give me an appointment despite I discussed the matter with his two secretaries. I was told that a reply would be given to me by the following Monday. On Tuesday 12 February I called the secretaries for the appointment. They replied to me that the Lord Mayor had not yet confirmed any appointment.

   On the same Tuesday 12 February 2013, I traced out the phone number of Mr. Sok Appadu, the ex-director of Meteo Vacoas, who knows me well, as it is thanks to him that I participated in the Grand Baie Conference of March 2005 that was organized following the Tsunami of 26 December 2004 (which I had predicted since May 2002). I asked him ‘why Mr. Dunputh is unable to understand the MJO and the high probability of the oncoming Flood?’ He replied to me that I should explain the issue to him. Well my answer, as you do know, is that I had already alerted him 10 days earlier.

   The WMO has a big manual on the observation of clouds-International Cloud Atlas. How far our meteorologists refer to it or study the contents? I have been observing the movements of clouds since my childhood. It is not difficult to study them, as the clouds around our region are not complicated as compared to those of other regions. Meteo Vacoas often makes forecasts of cloud and wind directions contrary to what is really seen in the sky at the particular time.
That is why in my document of 28 May 2011, I suggested that our Meteo Offices should be housed in tall buildings erected like the Control Tower of the airport, so that the sky should be more visible with natural air and sunlight penetrating inside the buildings.

   One interesting scenario is that South Africa has been experiencing heat waves between 38 to 44 degrees and thunderstorms with heavy rain during February and March 2013. Mauritius too has been experiencing thunderstorms, heat-34 degrees and rainfall- 133 to 179mm during these episodes.  Moreover, Cyclone HARUNA (19-23 February 2013) which evolved in the South West of Madagascar accelerated heavy rainfalls in the region including Mauritius, Reunion and Rodrigues. On 19 February 2013, I sent an email to the Director General of the MBC, on the advice of his secretary, requesting him to organize a programme in which I would explain about the calamities prevailing in our region. Oh my GOD he never replied to me!!!

   We can now conclude that it is the Madden-Julian Oscillation that has adopted a serious track from the African continent to the Southern Indian Ocean, thus causing floods and other disasters. This scenario is highly likely to repeat during the next and future Summer Seasons.

   The Deadly Flash Flood of 30 March 2103 was also Highly Predictable to me. On 19 March 2013, I identified it and alerted once more Mr. Dunputh of Meteo Vacoas on the following day-20 March. I mentioned to him that the Deadly Flood of 26 March 2008, the Heavy Rainfall of 26-27 March 2012 and the oncoming Flood of 22-28 March 2013 constitute the same rainfall patterns. He ignored my Prediction and he even criticized it.

   I was in the office of the Speaker of the National Assembly on Friday 22 March 2013 to request for a conference by me for the Policy Makers. He never replied to my request and to the document I submitted to him through his secretary.

   Please, remember that after the Deadly Flash Flood of 30 March 2013, a general panic invaded the Policy Makers and the public with the belief that a series of similar Floods would continue to prevail in Mauritius. By that time, Mr. Dunputh resigned from the MMS and Mr. Beebeejaun was appointed as Director at Vacoas.  The 5 Experts of Singapore, who were in Mauritius on 08 April 2013, explained to the PM that the Flood was unpredictable. They were totally wrong. Furthermore, they mentioned that the Calamities would continue in Mauritius. The BBC and local media also supported the same possibility. They also said that Cyclone IMELDA, which was named on 08 April 2013, would cause disasters to Mauritius and to Rodrigues. This was a miserable and unnecessary panic because neither the Government nor the Meteo Vacoas nor the foreign Experts could give the right explanation.
Imelda Cyclonic system

   In fact, the two Floods of February and March 2013 constituted one pattern related to the impact of MJO. WHEREAS, Cyclone IMELDA was related to the Cyclonic system which is another pattern. This is what I am devoting to sensitise the public in my Campaigns. That is why, in the correspondence I sent on 14 February 2013 to Hon. Ramgoolam, I set my challenge on understanding and on Predicting the Natural Disasters better than any Scientist of the Indian Ocean.

  Now refer to the Satellite Imagery that I received on 09 April 2013 from NASA. This is the 3D animated picture of Cyclone IMELDA which shows its length, breadth, thickness and intensity. It also shows how and why the Cyclone split into two parts with a Ring in the middle of its eye. On Saturday 13 April, Mr. Beebeejaun announced Cyclone Warning Class II for Mauritius and Class I for Rodrigues. On Sunday, Rodrigues moved to Class II. On the following morning of Monday 15, Rodrigues moved to Class III. Mr. Beebeejaun also declared to the MBC in that morning, that IMELDA would pass near the coast of Rodrigues “tard dans la soiree”. 

   Whereas, I mentioned that IMELDA would pass the nearest coast of Rodrigues around 5 pm on Monday. I sent my Email to MBC Rodrigues and to others on this Prediction. In fact, Mr. Beebeejaun removed all warnings on Monday evening. He declared to the MBC that IMELDA passed 75 km West of Rodrigues at 5 pm. You can now conclude how I am capable of forecasting Calamities with a higher precision than Meteo Vacoas.  Obviously, this is possible by the experience I have and by the support of Satellite technology to which I have access. NASA sends, to me, a set of messages related to all oceanic and land related calamities or phenomena twice each week and a set of messages regarding space exploration once a week on which I also do research. I have lots to say (later on) about Mars which according to me was a living planet.

   It is worthwhile at this conjecture to mention about the 5 Experts of Singapore who, at the request of Dr. Ramgoolam, visited Mauritius during the first week of April 2013 after the Deadly Flash Flood of 30 March 2013. I called, on 12 April, the Prime Minister’s Office to have an appointment with them. A secretary referred me to the Ministry of Environment. Another secretary replied to my email by stating that the 5 Experts had already left on 10 April. My intention was to share my views, findings and researches regarding the Atmospheric Systems of the Southern Hemisphere of the Indian Ocean.

   Let me clarify everything to you now. Refer to my chart. This shows clearly that the Atmospheric Systems that prevail in the Southern Hemisphere of the Indian Ocean are in a triangular form. That is why I have named this system as the South Indian Ocean Triangle (SIOT). I will explain this in detail later on, but before the next summer season 2013-2014.
    south indian ocean triangle
P. KANHYE.                                                                        05 September 2013.

Read more: Fact Finding Committee 2008;



                 Radar of Trou aux Cerfs-a National Heritage.

                MBC: Unprofessional, Unethical and Anti-patriotic;




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