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Thunderbolts Without Rain Winter Anti-Cyclone (26-30 April 2017)

Thunderstorms Approaching Mauritius, Rodrigues and Reunion (05-08) April 2017.



 ENAWO Intense Tropical Cyclone (03-08 March 2017)  South Indian Ocean-4th 100% Perfect PREDICTION.


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THUNDERBOLTS trigger Heavy Rainfalls in Mauritius and

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 Chamarel and Baie du Cap Predicted Quakes

My precious document dated 28 MAY 2011, which I submitted to Prime Minister Ramgoolam and to other Policy Makers (Government and Opposition) including others, is the testimony of my Virtual Prediction that I have made since 2008 regarding Chamarel. Refer to an extract of page 35 on the chapter on Millennium Development Goals 2015.


I am sure that you have confirmed your literacy rate in Natural Catastrophes that are swarming around us. What do you feel when I tell you now, that I have Predicted since 2008, that the first Earthquake that is likely to strike the mainland of Mauritius will be around the zone of Chamarel???


Baie du Cap is experiencing,since a few weeks, the falling of huge rocks from the flank of the Cliffs found along the Macondé coastline. This has blocked access to the road which links the West and the South of Mauritius and is causing lots of inconveniences. As a result, all road users-workers, public officers, businessmen, students, tourists, cars, vans, lorries, buses are obliged to use another route found in the upper land of Plaine Champagne. Chamarel is the only link between the West and the South for this purpose. Moreover, this is one of the most dangerous roads as there are more than four dozen curves including some steep ones. All these illustrate that the whole region is mountainous.


Brief Geological History of Mauritius

According to Mauritius a Geomorphological Analysis book of Prem Saddul, who mentions various authors, “Mauritius has been constructed by three distinct episodes of volcanic activity, related to the activation of faults in the Oceanic Plate’:

1.     The Bressia Series 10m-7.8m years ago and the Old Series 7.6m-5m years ago (Ancient Series);

2.     The Intermediate or Early Series 3.5m-1.7m years ago and

3.     The Younger Series 0.7m-0.20m years ago”.

The whole geological landscape of this region shows that the lava flows of the three 

different episodes are present here. The Cliffs found at Macondé-Baie du Cap are the ‘toes’ of Chamarel Mountain. They represent the Early Lava Flows which are believed to have originated from Monogenetic Volcanoes and from the Lines of Fracture situated around Le Pétrin and Chamarel. These lavas have flooded the zone towards the South West of the island. They have flowed horizontally and today they appear as Cliffs. These Early Lavas contain mainly Olivine minerals.


Olivine Basalt appears reddish brown and contains Ferrous Iron which turns into Ferric Iron with the contact of Oxygen. Olivine Basalt, just like other basaltic rocks of Mauritius is soluble. The saline air, the convection current, water and carbon dioxide which are always present in the atmosphere around Baie du Cap accelerate the process of Weathering. In case where there are fractures and fissures within the bedrock, Weathering extends to a deeper area, even below the surface of the ground. A Weathered landscape contains loose materials like fine-grained clay, mineral grains and decomposed rock fragments. So, rocks should collapse at a certain given time. This is what is happening in Macondé-Baie du Cap and Chamarel.


Observations: the photos uploaded were taken by me in 1998. I visited the place various times afterwards. My friend Dr. Anwar Janoo, Paleontologist and Lecturer at the University of Mauritius, accompanied me in 2007 for another ‘expedition’. He was tracking Maroon Slave sites in Baie du Cap and showed me one such site on the Cliff in question.


Baie du Cap Valley is situated in the upper area where there are human settlements. It also shelters Baie du Cap River which always runs like rapids and which thereby erodes the soil of the upland bringing sediments downhill. There is another Maroon Slave site in the upper Cliff. It is here that I discovered a small Monogenetic Volcanic Crater. A Monogenetic Volcano is a volcano which erupts only once during its life time as compared to Polygenetic Systems. The Crater that I found is Cone-like and has subsided and is completely covered with sand and soil carried away by the eroding river. It also gave some indication that there is a Volcanic Vent, besides the Conic Crater.


Mother Earth which is shaped like a sphere has a diameter of 12,753 km and a circumference of 40,066 km at the Equator. It orbits around the Sun at 107,320 km per hour. It is estimated to weigh about 6,000 trillion tons. Its physical body is made up of matter composed of various minerals and resources which are distributed in three layers: core, mantle and crust. The Blue Marble is the most dynamic planet of our solar system. As such, Earthquakes both in land and at sea occur dozens and hundreds of times in a day. Seismological Centres like US Geological Survey and the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center, to which I am linked, record and report all Earthquakes and Tremours from 2.0 Magnitude and above. Those below 2.0 do not appear to be in the records.


The question is: is the territory of Mauritius immune from Earthquakes? My answer is that it is highly likely that the rocks that are falling at Macondé-Baie du Cap and Chamarel, apart from the explanations above, are related to minor Earthquakes especially that there is a small Crater and/or Volcanic Vent as mentioned.


Another question is: what are the Seismographs installed in Mauritius and in Rodrigues and controlled by the Mauritius Meteorological Services signalling?


The POOR Policy Makers of Mauritius rushed to have recourse to two Foreign Experts to solve the inconveniences caused at Baie du Cap these days. The reasons for that rush are that they are all ILLITERATE in Disasters and they catastrophically ‘PUT PEOPLE LAST’ despite International Conventions and Protocols; also, despite they are the Eternal Representatives of the Political Constituencies of the region without any plan for an alternative road. The ‘Political Bulldozers’ are already trembling and shivering with the deadline given from the UN for the Constitutional Reform. Political landslides are 'ON/OFF' mode because they are unable to wipe out the Tribal System of elections. Had the Prime Minister together with his Ministers and the ghost-like Disaster Management Centre understood my Precious Document of 28 MAY 2011, they would have been Aware and been Prepared to Mitigate the Disasters that I have enumerated therein. This would have, no doubt, brought some solace and have cooled down the popular turmoil.


In order to follow the list of Calamities Predicted for the future, you are invited to read article: UNESCO.



P.KANHYE.                                                                          10 JUNE 2014.



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