European Union, International Funds and Disaster Resilience in Mauritius.

Climate Actions in Brief

As a born Patriot and as a Full-Time Researcher in Natural and Social Sciences, I feel much concerned about the ways in which the Policy Makers (government and opposition sides), institutions (private & public, local & regional/international) and stakeholders are playing their role in the process of building a Disaster Resilient Society of Mauritius.

Almost all my findings and information have been disseminated to the Policy Makers, Ministries, institutions and media of Mauritius during the last decade, through documents, letters, emails and telephone calls. Unfortunately, there has been no positive response on their behalf.

My hard-bound document of more than 40 pages, dated 28 May 2011 and entitled ‘An Authentic Pleading for an Urgent Awareness and Preparedness Campaign in view of Mitigating Impact of Natural Disasters in the Indian Ocean’ was submitted to ex-Prime Minister Ramgoolam and to various other Ministers, including the President of Republic, some of whom are still encroached in the present government. Regretfully, no one responded to my alerts and suggestions highlighted in that document.

The main purpose of that precious document was to sensitise everyone that Floods and Cyclones would strike Mauritius as from January 2013. This was based on my Prediction 2007-2012 wherein I stated that disastrous cyclones would not visit us during that period, but soon afterwards. In fact, Cyclone Dumile visited us on 01 January 2013, Torrential Rain struck on 13 February 2013 and the Mega Flash Flood of 30 March 2013 caused loss of 11 human lives and lots of unprecedented material damage.

     I had a meeting with Mr Dunputh, director of the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS) on 17 October 2012. He was not pleased to learn that I was starting my ‘Awareness and Preparedness Campaign’ based on my Prediction 2007-2012. In contrast, his predecessors Messrs Boodhoo and Sok-Appadu were already aware of my capacity of Predicting Calamities.


      I started my campaign as from 20 October 2012 in Rodrigues Island. After my arrival there, I submitted, on 22 October, my precious document of 28 May 2011 to Mr Ashok Beeharry who was officer-in-charge of Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Rodrigues. He was agreeable to my request for the coverage of my conference at Mourouk Hotel. I sent my email and called him on the phone thereafter. Unfortunately, did not send his staff nor did he attend my conference. That was clearly Sabotage. I reported the irresponsible action of this MBC representative to the then director general Mr Calikan and to the then Prime Minister Ramgoolam, for appropriate sanction against him. But, it was not done, given; Mr Beeharry was the right hand man of the latter.

      In spite of the disappointment in Rodrigues, I continued with my Campaign. I made my presentation, on 20 November 2012, to the top officers/technicians of the Agricultural Research and Extension Unit (AREU) at their headquarters in Quatre-Bornes. They understood perfectly well when I informed them of my Prediction that Cyclones and Floods would strike as from the beginning of 2013. My other concern was the question of Food Security after the impacts of my Predicted Weather Events.

      In furtherance of my campaign, I held a press conference on 19 December 2012 at the hall of Marie Reine de la Paix, Port Louis. I had convened all the three private radio stations and all (more than a dozen) newspapers of Mauritius. Only two reporters of one radio station attended it for only 5 minutes, as the representatives had to attend political meetings. I had made it clear to the media that my conference was of one and a half hours duration and was a power point animated presentation on ‘Awareness and Preparedness-Natural Calamities and Natural Resources.’ Furthermore, I had also mentioned ‘Article Six of Doha Convention’ whose Conference had just ended in Doha, Qatar and which I was following closely through the internet. Unfortunately, no such article related to my conference was ever published.

     You may note that I alerted Mr Dunputh the director of MMS and the Lord Mayor of Port Louis ten days before hand of the Torrential Rain of 13 February, but no due consideration was given to my Alert. In addition, I had shared more than a dozen of my weather forecasts to Mr Dunputh after my meeting on 17 October 2012.

          The ex-PM made a mockery live on another radio station after I told him that there was a Failure of the Early Warning Systems, regarding the 13 February Torrential Rain and following the challenge which I launched to him: “I challenge any institution or individual, both in the public and in the private of the Indian Ocean, to be capable of understanding the atmospheric system that is prevailing in our zone and also of being able to Predict Natural Calamities better than me.”

     I alerted the same director of Meteorological Services ten days before of the Deadly Flash Flood of 30 March 2013. This time and contrarily, director Dunputh criticised my Prediction live on a Private Radio Station on the 22 March while he was marking the World Meteorological Day 2013. Finally, he is the one answerable for the death of 4 citizens on 26 March 2008 and of 11 others on 30 March 2013.

         In view of disseminating my Prediction and of ‘Ringing the Alarum Bell’, I was in the office of the Honourable Peeroo, Speaker of the National Assembly at 12.25 pm on Friday 22 March 2013 to submit my hard-bound document entitled: ‘CONSCIENCE COLLECTIVE OF THE POLICY MAKERS…IN VIEW OF NURTURING DYNAMIC EARLY WARNING SYSTEMS AND OF BUILDING A DISASTER RESILIENT SOCIETY IN THE REPUBLIC OF MAURITIUS’.                                                                                                                              

     Apart from the Alert, my suggestion to him was to assemble all the members of the Parliament (government plus opposition sides) to take cognisance of the oncoming and Predicted Flood of 30 March. I had mentioned, besides listing the loopholes in our Early Warning Systems, to ‘apply the brakes as the system is cruising towards the ditch’. I had also stated that there was no need to have recourse to foreign expertise to understand that situation.  Catastrophically, the ex-Speaker did not speak to me at all and stayed totally mute. He failed lamentably and was, thus, incapable of providing Protection and Security to the 1.3 million, including himself. You do know well, that 11 innocent citizens lost their lives in the Flash Flood of 30 March 2013 which I had perfectly Predicted ten days beforehand. Paradoxically, he was ruling over the 70 members of the National Assembly which gathers the representatives of the population from whom he earned the thousands and millions of rupees. I was, therefore, 100% right to launch my challenge to ex-PM, as stated above.

     Moreover, after the Mega and Deadly Disaster of 30 March 2013, ex-PM Ramgoolam had recourse to a team of Singaporean Experts to assess that unfortunate episode. Miserably, there was no such report or assessment made by them in order to enlighten the public and the Policy Makers whom I qualify until now as being ‘Illiterate in Disaster Management’. In addition, ex-PM stated to the media regarding the 30 March 2013 Extreme Weather Event that ‘even GOD did not know all that happened’. That was the comment of the ‘dictator-in-waiting’ and ‘playboy’.

     I continued to hold conferences on ‘Awareness, Preparedness and Mitigation of Natural Calamities’ and also on career guidance to college students, as from 25 February 2013. While a few rectors were agreeable, others wanted to obtain prior approval from Honourable Bunwaree, Minister of Education. The latter did not give me the green light in spite of my repeated requests 25 days before the Mega Disaster of 30 March 2013. That was contrary to the International Protocols and Conventions, mainly on Capacity Building/Awareness through Education of students and the youth. You should be aware of the case of a British school girl who saved the lives of about 100 tourists in a hotel in Thailand, just on the day of the Tsunami of 26 December 2004. She had learned at school, about the invading sound approaching a Tsunami. Similarly, folks in other countries had saved their life and that of their cattle by applying, since 1900, their Traditional Knowledge during that calamitous event.

     I had a telephone conversation with Mr. Zialor, a representative of the Mauritius Red Cross Organisation at 4.30 pm on Monday 25 March 2013, (just 5 days before the Deadly Flash Flood of 30 March 2013). I requested him to arrange my meeting with the Director Mr. Ramnauth for making a presentation to his staff on my Campaign, including my Prediction of the oncoming Flood of 30 March 2013. Mr. Zialor told me to send an email to the Director with a copy to himself. I did it on the same day at 5.14 pm. I had mentioned in the email the following: 

    The main reasons for my campaign are:
(i) that my Predictions for 2007 to 2012 have become true;
(ii) that I have lots of other Predictions beyond 2013.’     

   The director of the Red Cross replied on Tue, 26 Mar 2013 13:03:42 +0400:   


     [Dear Mr Kanhye,
I appreciate your concern, intent and interest for this subject and will look into this matter to fix a date for the presentation. You will be notified accordingly.
D.Ramnauth, DG

    Before he could decide any further, the Marine Stratocumulus Clouds triggered 152.2 mm of Precipitations in Mauritius as from 11.30 am (Black Saturday) 30 March 2013, killing 11 innocent citizens.

Disaster Resilience still farfetched by Policy Makers and Institutions

Your Excellency, it is very sad to say that the scenario mentioned above got repeated in spite of the ‘Winds of change’ which blew after the general elections of 10 December 2014. I submitted another hard-bound document of 28 pages dated 26 December 2014 and entitled ‘Mauritius Meteorological Services, Disaster Management Centre and Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation- Worst Institutions of the Republic of Mauritius…’ to the newly appointed Prime Minister Sir Anerood Jugnauth and to his alliance leaders, including the Minister of Good Governance and the Minister of Environment/ Disaster Management. My intention was to explain that these institutions do not respect the different International Protocols and Conventions to which this Republic has adhered. It was also meant to show the shortcomings in our Early Warning Systems for which I made various suggestions accordingly. As usual, no one, neither acknowledged the receipt of my document, nor have they replied to me.

     The most horrible of all was that Hon. Dayal, ex-Minister of Environment lost my document and I had to submit another one on 08 January 2015. Furthermore, he cancelled the two meetings with me to discuss issues of Disaster Management. In fact, the Cyclone Warning regarding Intense Cyclone Bansi (08-12 January 2015) was removed, by tandem Dayal/Mungra, at the time when it was intensifying, as explained by NASA and elaborated in my website-

     Is it not shameful to note that he was sacked on the 23 March 2016, the very day on which the World Meteorological Day was supposed to be commemorated?         

     The Ministry of Environment has never invited me to participate in conferences/workshops for which I have requested since long. Mr Sobadutt, the one who is responsible for tackling ‘Climate Change’ issues, had himself asked me to register my name, regarding participation. I have done it on 16 October 2013, yet he did not and up to now not convene me, in spite of my telephone calls. I had made it clear to the officers that I intend to share my findings.

I wrote another hard-bound document of 24 pages dated 15 September 2015 and entitled ‘Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation and Disaster Management’ and submitted it to the Prime Minister, President of Republic, Speaker-Hon. Mrs. Hanoomanjee, DPM X. Duval-Leader PMSD, VPM I. Collendavelloo-Leader ML, Hon. P. Jugnauth-Leader MSM and Hon. R. Badhain-Minister of Good Governance. The scenario was the same: no response at all.  

Sensitizing World Meteorological Organization, Geneva

     Please, take note that on 28 March 2013, two days before the Deadly Flash Flood of 30 March, I had written to Mr David Grimes, the President of World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Geneva. I mentioned in my e-mail that there are at least 17 out of the 53 Member States of Region 1 Africa registered with the WMO, which do not provide adequate information to their respective population. I repeated often this issue, amongst others, to Professor Joseph Mukabana, Director at WMO/AMCOMET, Geneva. The WMO, eventually, released the information in 2015 that 70 out of the 191 Member States do not do so. I was honoured by my Climate Action at international level.

     Dr Mukabana, consistently, encouraged my views and suggestions since 2014, namely regarding the introduction and recognition of Traditional Knowledge as complementary to Scientific Forecasts of Natural Hazards. You should well know that the UN has recognised the Rights of Indigenous Peoples world-wide. My ‘Cheval de Bataille’ was always and still is the application of Traditional, Indigenous and Local Knowledge/ Practices (TILK/P). I state here, that although there has never been Indigenous People in Mauritius, there is the existence of ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ the application of which makes me to excel in my Forecasts of Cyclones, Floods and other Natural Calamities. The most recent proof is Very Intense Cyclone FANTALA- the Record-Breaker, which I Predicted 25 days before it was named and forecasted by the Meteorologists of NOAA, NASA, Météo-France, Météo Madagascar, Seychelles Meteorological Services and the poor Météo-Vacoas. 


     My other Cheval de Bataillehas been and still is the ‘Observations of Clouds from the Ground’ and their applications as components in the Early Warning Systems and to be complementary to Scientific Forecasts of Cyclones, Heavy Rainfalls, Floods, Heat, Droughts, Hailstones, Acid Rains, etc. After my repeated sensitisation to the WMO, through Dr Mukabana and through articles in my Website, positive results were yielded thereon. WMO released the information on 01 October 2015, that the ‘International Cloud Atlas Volumes I and II’ of WMO were being revived with an updated revision. This task has been conferred on the Hong Kong Observatory for the construction of a world-wide New Cloud Atlas. Moreover, a photo competition has also been launched in this direction. I have promised WMO, through Dr Mukabana, that I will build the Cloud Atlas of the South Indian Ocean with appropriate names. You may refer to my website to see some of my Cloud Atlas, many pictures of which are unique (refer to picture above). All these represent my INNOVATIONS in Predicting Natural Hazards, which have propelled me to realise my objectives.

     Dr Mukabana has been very encouraging towards me since 30 July 2014, after I had given him a list of a dozen loopholes found in the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS).  See his reply:  

       [from: Joseph Mukabana This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

       date: Thu, 5 Feb 2015 18:55:32 -0100

       Dear Kanhye

       I have read your news.

       I would advise the top people to meet you and listen to what you have to say.

       Kind regards.     


Mauritius Meteorological Services

     The Meteorological Services of Mauritius embarked, following the decision of the Cabinet in June 2015, on a project of enhancing the Early Warning Systems (EWS). The acting director of MMS replied to my enquiry on 29 June: “The project is a national project. it aims to enhance the warning system of the meteorological services with the guidance of WMO.”

      It is worthwhile to note that WMO was not aware of the project, as informed to me by Dr Mukabana. However, the latter mentioned, as per his email dated 10 July 2015, ‘but we are ready and willing to provide guidance if approached by the PR of Mauritius with WMO’. Refer to the emails. Finally, the workshop/training was held in October 2015, under the supervision of one representative of WMO. (However, I was not invited!)

     While respecting all Protocols, the Director of WMO/AMCOMET instructed me since 10 July 2015 to ‘find home grown solutions’ and to settle all the loopholes with the Meteorological Services of Mauritius, which is the National Meteorological and Hydrological Service (NMHS).

     Unfortunately, Mr Mungra, the director of the MMS declined to discuss, with me, the dozen of shortcomings existing in this National Institution. He denied doing so in spite of the instructions of Dr Mukabana and despite my email and telephone conversation with him. See email copies. 

     It is well known by everyone that the forecasters of the Meteorological Services continue to make Weather Forecasts in Amateurism, except in a few situations. You should be aware that the population as a whole, including Policy Makers, are panic-stricken each time Weather Events occur. Examples are rampant. The MMS representatives often intervene on the MBC and/or on private radio stations to explain the Extreme Weather Events experienced by Mauritians. They blame the absence of a Meteorological Radar. In this case, they do not seem to have consulted the Radars of Reunion Island, which is the Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC), as established by the WMO. On other occasions they state that there is no such equipment capable to show the precise time/place that a Flood can make landfall. In other cases, they refer to other countries where disasters are occurring and causing losses of human lives and material damages. So, according to them, it is difficult to know or to make precise forecasts. These explanations are irrelevant, unprofessional and unacceptable. The MMS forecasters do not seem to be attuned to the invaluable data and information released by Scientists who work with sophisticated Satellites like the GPM or HIMAWARI managed by NASA, NOAA, JAXA, ISS, etc.

                        The MMS receives the Satellite Imageries of METEOSAT 7 (scheduled to retire in 2017) and

     which is under the aegis of EUMETSAT 7. I use the Footprint of the same METEOSAT 7. How is it that I am capable of Predicting Cyclones, Floods and Heavy Rainfalls at short, medium and long terms and better than the Amateurs of the Meteorological Services of Mauritius?  See picture EUMETSAT 7.

     The MMS has, about a month ago, held the training of meteorologists of Africa on the numerical models of weather forecasts. Oh God, how can these amateurs share their poor knowledge to others? I am already sensitising the scientific world, mainly of NOAA, NASA, JTWC/NRL, Météo-France, Météo-Madagascar and Seychelles for the revision of the numerical models which are not 100% viable. Refer to my article on Cyclone FANTALA on my website, in which I have enumerated more than 17 loopholes/solutions. My Prediction and Forecast Track are the best of all-JTWC, Météo-France, MMS, Météo-Madagascar.

     The MMS should INNOVATE by introducing TILK/P and Cloud Observations from the Ground as explained above, and as mentioned in my Precious Document of 28 MAY 2011. Besides, the MMS is required to make an assessment report after the passing of each Weather System. Madam, have you ever come across one such report? Has the Disaster Management Centre made one? Zero, isn’t it? In fact, 23rd March World Meteorological Day 2015, whose theme was: ‘Climate Knowledge for Climate Action’ was not marked by the MMS. The theme of this year 2016: ‘Hotter, Drier, Wetter and Face the Future’ was equally not commemorated. See website. The MMS is governmental institution mandated to Forecast Disasters. But, it is equivalent to ‘a donkey carrying a cargo of sponge and crossing the river whose flow is notoriously hazardous’. So, new means should be devised for Safety.

Disaster Management Centre of Mauritius

     I mentioned at page 36 of my Precious Document of 28 May 2011 that “Your Disaster Management Committee resembles a heavy coal operated train that is moving lamentably and puffing soot and noxious gases in the atmosphere and leaking oil all along the track. It is protocolaire, bureaucratic, unprofessional and slack. It is not a think tank. There are no campaigns of raising Awareness and Preparedness that are being undertaken currently… In contrast, I have a master plan in addressing these issues with perfect DYNAMISM and providing safety and security to 1.2m+… and by PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST supported by lots of legislations.”

     I have always qualified the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) as ‘Ghost-like’ because it arises most of the time after the occurrence of disasters. Today, I consider this DMC ‘Country-Driven Mechanism’ as ‘Foetus-like’ which is on the edge of undergoing abortion. It is always reactive or ‘putting the ox behind the cart’ and often absent, except on a few sporadic interventions.         13 October Disaster Reduction Day whose theme of 2015 was ‘Knowledge for Life’ has not been marked, just like those of the last 5 years: 2014- Resilience is for Life; 2013- Living with Disability and Disasters; 2012- Women and Girls and 2011- Making Children and Young People Partners for Disaster Risk Reduction. On the contrary, I have an edge on the WMO’s and UNISDR’s themes, like ‘Engaging Youth’ andWomen and Girls: the [in]Visible Force of Resilience’ which I launched in October 2012 in Rodrigues Island.

     Paragragh 24 (i) of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 published on 18 March 2015 reads as follows:                                                                                                                            

    “Ensure the use of traditional, indigenous and local knowledge and practices, as appropriate, to complement scientific knowledge in disaster risk assessment and the development and implementation of policies, strategies, plans and programmes of specific sectors, with a cross-sectoral approach, which should be tailored to localities and to the context.”  

Ex- Minister of Environment/ Disaster Management hon. Dayal and SMF Commander Servansing had attended to that conference. What have they understood and implemented so far? It is very shameful to note that these people are very hypocritical and do not prove their accountability. The first one, despite being very religious by nature, got ‘the devils due’ when he was sacked by the PM on the alleged grounds of corruption.

Furthermore, it is regrettable to say that Mrs Grandcourt, responsible of the Human Resource Centre in Rodrigues, denied organising my conference in October 2012. Moreover, Mr Davis Hee Hong Wye, who was the representative of the Disaster Management Centre in Rodrigues, failed to support my Campaign in October 2012, in spite of my meeting with him at his office and despite my different emails.

Participations of Mauritius in COP 21 of Paris, SDG 2030 Summit and others are simply a replica of past inactions by the past Policy Makers and which are being activated by the current ones. Chasing for funds and not ‘Putting-People-First’ are their moto. 

Mauritius Telecom- Communications Service Provider

     The Mauritius Telecom (MT) is a semi-governmental agency and is also a major Multi-Sector Stakeholder in the Framework for Disaster Resilience. Yet, illicit/pornographic packages form part of their ‘bouquets’ offered to the people, especially to the youth. Refer to the second document attached. Instead of luring the youth with all types of advertisements, there is no empowerment programmes towards Sustainable Development Goals. MT is a very lucrative business institution but is operating illegally, according to one source. The last statement of accounts for 2015 reveals that more than one billion rupees of profit have been yielded. You should know that there are ONLY 1.3m people and yet more than 3m mobile phones which operate in the Republic of Mauritius, in combination with other services providers- EMTEL and MTML. It should have, just like others, disseminated ALERTS on oncoming cyclones, floods and other Hazards. Mauritius has also become a dumping ground for obsolete hardware by such unscrupulous service providers. Apart from these, this population is entangled and submerged with more than 200 television channels (monopolised by Parabole Maurice and Canal Plus), three private radio stations and other communication service providers. Most of their programmes are oriented towards entertainment. There is no education focussed on how to be aware of, to be prepared for and to mitigate the impacts of Hazards. Do you think that all these are in line with UN Sustainable Development for Agenda 2030 or for the Economic Miracle-Vision 2030 or Smart Cities scheduled by the government? Every economic resilience or economic development depends largely on Disaster Resilience. The Policy Makers do not understand this crucial strategy.

Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation

      The Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) is one of the most sophisticated institutions in Africa, in terms of technology and equipment audio-visual-wise. Yet, I have been complaining, since long, that there are too much of ‘Jalsas’and ‘Salsas’ at the MBC. Nevertheless, I have been suggesting, since 2007, to the director generals of the MBC to keep one TV/Radio channel for educating the populace in Disaster Resilience. They have all turned a deaf ear. Besides, the presenters/newscasters insult Mother Nature as soon as there is some rainfall even during a moment when the reservoirs of the island have dried up to 75%, just like in 2012. During the ‘Page Météo’ of the MBC in the evening news, the presenters make rather a show and cause a distraction. Instead of giving the appropriate information in a chronological way, they are disseminating it in a disorderly manner. Instead of saying ‘la pluie’ (Rain) they say ‘de l’eau’ (Water), ‘Carte Météo’ in the place of ‘Carte Synoptique’ and ‘Photo Satellite’, whereas ‘Imagerie Satellitaire’ are the correct terms. This should, rather, be presented by the representatives of the MMS who are in a better position to emphasize on certain data/information related to the Weather, just like it was being done during the last years. This is practiced mostly by such qualified people worldwide. The BBC, TV5, CCTV and others show weather forecasts of the whole world, but the MBC cannot do so.                                                                                                                                                                      A A few presenters have tried, recently, to entertain some programmes on Climate. They really showed their incompetency on the issues. One of them even reduced COP 21 event into cartoons. Are these programmes educating and building the capacity of the populace? NO! These are contrary to the Mission Statement of the national television/radio station and also against the concept of a multi-sectoral stakeholder in Disaster Management Framework. The poor MBC has not listened to me when I proposed that I am ready to share my findings and experience in view of educating the population.

Madam, do you see that a Disaster Resilient Society can be constructed by such irresponsible Policy Makers, Institutions and Stakeholders? Are they Aware and Prepared to face the series of Natural Hazards which I have Predicted for 2017-19, 2020-25 and those which are at the doorstep? I don’t think so!

His Excellency Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the UN, stated on 17 May 2016 while marking the WORLD TELECOMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION SOCIETY DAY:

 [The international community is now mobilized around the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which recognizes the great potential of information and communication technology (ICT) to accelerate human progress, bridge the digital divide and advance knowledge. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals specifically call for employing ICTs to realize the overall vision of a life of dignity for all people…These technologies provide smart solutions to address climate change, hunger, poverty and other global challenges.] 

Reprehensible Mind-Set of Policy Makers

Your Excellency, Mauritius belongs not only to the 70 Parliamentarians who sit in the National Assembly or to their relatives/dynasties; it also belongs equally to me and to the 1.3m Souls. Five Extreme Weather Events have taken place in a lapse of five years- 2008 to 2013. Two of them were deadly: Flash Flood of 26 March 2008 with 4 deaths and Mega Flash Flood of 3arch 2013 wherein 11 citizens died. With a simple calculation, it makes 275% of increase in Loss of Lives within five years. Two rivers of Tears rolled down my cheeks on the Saturday of 30 March 2013, while I was listening live to the disaster news. The First One was because ‘Innocent People’ lost their life and the Second One was because no one listened to my ALERTS, as explained above.

You should, by now understand why I consider the Policy Makers of Mauritius as ‘Illiterate in Disaster Management. Most of the members of the National Assembly are legal and medical professionals, some are businessmen, and a few are teachers. Yet, none has the background in meteorology, climatology, volcanology, or oceanography, etc. The aberrations of ‘Parabole Maurice’, explained in the second document enclosed herein, is one of the ocular proofs which qualify the amateurism of the Policy Makers.

The criteria of obtaining a ticket as a candidate of the political parties competing in the general elections are the 3 C’s:

        Cash account of a minimum of Rs10m. The first group which qualifies is- Barristers, Attorneys, Notaries and ex-Magistrates who run chambers in which many legal officers hold their employment. This is a very lucrative business, as they claim exorbitant legal fees in lawsuits. Those of the Medical profession (also a very lucrative occupation) are the second group. These have the opportunity to work simultaneously in private clinics and in public hospitals, wherein they earn millions of rupees. It is almost a folklore that these citizens claim to hold a high social status. The question often asked by many people is- tax evasion, as these professionals do not often give receipts after obtaining their (high) fees.

        Community or ethnic belonging is the second ground for the eligibility of sitting for the general elections. This is also based on some calculation made from statistical numbers. The larger the group, the greater the number of tickets. Such is the concept of proportional representation.

        Caste  belonging is the third opportunity of becoming a Policy Maker. Some citizens claim to form part of the major group and therefore a larger number of tickets belong to them. In addition, many pretend to belong to a particular cast as if they are a fixed deposit and are ‘de facto’ eligible for an investiture.

The concept of Democracy, as practiced in this Republic, is deceitful and illusory. The outgoing government had appointed Mr. Albie Sachs to work out a paper recommending the amendment of the Mauritian Constitution regarding Proportional Representation, amongst others. The latter held a meeting with the intelligentsia at the University of Mauritius in 2002 or so. I suggested to him by stating that a country cannot be governed by a bundle of mainly legal and medical professionals; that there should be other specialists of different fields, including women representation and other social activists. The argument which I put forward was that any problem arising in the country should be solved by local experts or competent citizens, except in rare situations. Mr. Sachs was delighted with my suggestions and he promised to consider them. My argument now stands solid, isn’t it?

Paradoxically, the Republic of Mauritius has the record in the breach of law and order, in spite of many MLAs from Legal Profession. In fact, this issue turns out to be a lucrative profession with lodging of lawsuits. Furthermore, Mauritians have broken the record in Diabetics, despite many medical professionals sitting in the National Assembly.

Madam, you should have taken note about the disastrous legacy left behind by the outgoing government. It is unimaginable that ex-prime minister Ramgoolam is currently under various alleged cases of fraud, corruption and money laundering, just like his mistress. The safes containing 220 millions of rupees, in addition to foreign currencies, are vivid examples of the unaccountability and opacity in the affairs of the state. This is unprecedented in the history of Mauritius wherein an ex-head of government is under judicial enquiry, including ex-ministers and others who are being dragged in the pipeline of court trials.

Mr. Ashok Jugnauth, the brother of the present Prime Minister Sir Anerood Jugnauth, was condemned by the court some years ago on ground of political bribery. He had to resign from his ministry and also from the National Assembly. The ex-Minister of Finance, Hon. Lutchmeenaraidoo, now conferred with Foreign Affairs ministry, is also at the edge of alleged financial fraud. The poor ex-Minister of Environment, Hon. Dayal (also an ex-commissioner of police) who has been sacked, is in the waiting of his case at the court, on corruption ground. One Private Parliamentary Secretary is still in office, in spite of an alleged homicide caused in drunken driving. One lady back-bencher (a lawyer) is sitting independently in the National Assembly following dissatisfaction from her MSM leader. Her husband was advisor to hon. Dayal and had to resign, ‘de facto’. They are, no doubt, birds of the same feather.

Do you think, your Excellency, that  such breed of Policy Makers are capable of providing Protection and Security to the population? There is no such policy maker capable of incarnating as a Role Model for the republic. This is the main reason why the youth, who are the hope of the future, are not interested in local politics. It should also not be forgotten that there are many members of the National Assembly who are filling their pockets with high remunerations in addition to their pension drawn as a result of being past parliamentarians. Besides, they earn 12 months of salaries, including all types of benefits/allowances upon only six months of sittings (once or twice weekly) of the National Assembly. Moreover, those who have lost in the general elections disappear from active politics and not even try to do some social work to show that they are patriots. The ex-PM (medical practitioner), ex-deputy prime minister (medical practitioner) and the ex-speaker of the national assembly (lawyer) are vivid examples. It is crystal clear that those who are currently carrying out the affairs of the state, tend to enrich themselves instead of working in the direction of Disaster Resilience. Resilience also means Self-Reliance, which is non-existent. An independent country (of half a century) should show that it does not rely on others and has the required CAPACITY. Instead, these gluttons continue to enjoy ‘spoon feeding’ from Funds-local and international. Obviously, there is no leadership in the direction of Resilience.

At the end of the day, the Policy Makers form part as square pegs in round holes. I heard one such member of the National Assembly saying, during his recent speech: ‘we must combat Natural Calamities. It seems that he is a superman’, more powerful than ALMIGHTY GOD. The words or expressions which they blabber commonly are only: climate change, global warming, disaster, cyclone, flood, etc. According to one media, there were many members of the assembly who neither made his/her maiden speech nor asked any parliamentary question during the first year of acceding to power.

Conclusively, there is no doubt that, the Policy Makers of Mauritius need better education and literacy in the process of Disaster Resilience: Awareness, Preparedness, Mitigation, Adaptation and Capacity Building! Political Power which pretends to Lead a population in the direction of Safety and Protection, demands excellent Knowledge of the Powers of Nature. So, the Policy Makers should be harnessed on the Right Track.

Abhorrent Attitude of Public Servants

 The public servants of this republic are well paid and heads of departments benefit princely salaries. Yet, they do not seem to deliver their goods commensurately. You should have surely noticed that many citizens do not obtain satisfaction of their grievances from public servants of almost all governmental offices and departments. Consequently, victimized members of the population have recourse to private radio stations and/or news reporters for proper consideration and solutions. This is totally absurd and a very alarming situation, because this is only the visible tip of the iceberg.

All these prove that the public servants are highly bureaucratic, arrogant, careless and unreliable, except in very few cases. Have you come across any article or memorandum or report presented by any of those who have been participating in the series of conferences/workshops? Who are those who have come forward to initiate ‘Climate Actions’? How many of them contribute their researches and/or findings with the WMO, UNISDR or UNFCCC, etc? The progress report regarding the HFA 2000-2015 is already poor, isn’t it Madam?

Your Excellency, I hope that you have noticed that almost the same flocks of public servants attend your conferences/workshops or of other Funding Institutions. Do you think that all of them, including the 70 Policy Makers, are ICT literate or have an active email address or make searches through the internet or disseminate their knowledge? These are a few of the questions which I asked in my document submitted to the French Ambassador last year, after proposing my model for Disaster Resilience.

Tiny Republic of Mauritius is only 720 km2 in area and is inhabited by only 1.3m people. It is enjoying almost half a century of its independence. International reports consider it as a ‘middle-income-country’. Some Policy Makers say that they have realized economic miracle’ while others have dumped it in the dungeon of fraud, corruption, lawlessness, drug consumption/trafficking and encouraged unprecedented social evils.

The current government obtained an absolute majority at the polls of December 2014, with the popular understanding to clean up all the filth littered by the previous Policy Makers. Despite the ‘Winds of Change, the ruling government is stuck up in the same garbage bins. Furthermore, it is unable to move towards job outsourcing and of realizing the Sustainable Development’ take-off.

The Mauritius Meteorological Services and the Disaster Management Centre, which have the legal obligations towards Early Warning Systems, are still lingering in utter ‘Amateurism’. On one hand, the representatives of the ‘Ghost-like’ Disaster Management Centre are still absent, just like at the passing of the current Cyclone ABELA. The forecasters of the Meteorological Services, on the other hand, make statements at the media-newspapers, radio and television stations by saying that ‘Cyclone ABELA does not represent any danger for Mauritius. Such statements made through the media are recurrent since long. These are unacceptable and are contrary to the concept of Early Warning Systems. According to them, cyclone means only wind blowing, trees falling, telephone and power network broken and agricultural produce affected. Although Sea Swell Warnings are given, their statements appear rather contradictory. They forget that cyclones affect fishermen, sea farers, cargo carriers, boating and aquatic sports in tourist resorts, marine ecological disasters and closure of schools, etc. Such statements are unprofessional, especially that the government is launching ocean economy. The impact of such irresponsible explanations is that the media does not find it necessary to disseminate the possible vulnerabilities during their respective news bulletins. As a result, people become careless and they do not show signs of preparedness and mitigation required as crucial actions. So, in order to build Disaster Resilience, such statements should not be made. On the contrary, the forecasters should reiterate that dangers are probable both inland and overseas, during all the lifespan of any cyclone.

At this conjecture, let me Madam, inform you that Dr Mukabana has clearly encouraged me to sensitize/empower the local media while he did so concerning the Meteorological Services.              See email copy.

Catastrophes are multiplying in intensity and in frequency, yet Disaster Resilience in Mauritius is plunging deeper and deeper into the ditch. The right model is not being nurtured by the related institutions and general vulnerability is increasing. Leadership in this direction is lacking, too.

The outgoing Policy Makers, just like the present ones, including the flock of ‘pseudo-advisors’ have never given me the chance of serving my country. They have, instead, turned their deaf ear, cause blockages and they in turn nurture ‘laissez-faire’ to the detriment of the vulnerable populace.

Let me, Your Excellency, give you a very abhorrent and reprehensible attitude of one particular civil servant. It is related to the day when I was submitting, in person, my Precious Document of 28 May 2011-“An Authentic and Urgent Pleading for an Awareness and Preparedness Campaign in View of Mitigating the Impacts of Natural Calamities in the Indian Ocean”. After removing the document from the envelope which I handed over to the secretary of one senior minister, she told me to attach, in addition, a letter to it. She told me ‘if do not do so, then the whole document will be thrown directly in the dust bin’.  Oh GOD! That stupid and unscrupulous woman did not understand the selfless efforts-time, money and energy I mobilized for publishing that document.

Paradoxically, she was the secretary of the Minister of Empowerment. This is a deliberate show of ingratitude towards someone who is empowering, relentlessly, his fellow citizens for the Safety and Protection of his Motherland. Definitely, this constitutes the most shameful, abhorrent and reprehensible attitude of all the civil servants, whom I have so far encountered.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) demonstrated, in its news release of 15 June 2016, an exemplary sanction taken following some dysfunction on board of the Japanese Satellite ASTRO-H:
[JAXA Executives Take Pay Cut Due to ASTRO-H (Hitomi) Anomaly
Due to the anomaly experienced with X-Ray Astronomy Satellite ASTRO-H (Hitomi), three of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's executive employees have decided to take a
10% pay cut to their monthly salary for four months, to be effective July 2016.

The affected employees are as follows:
President: Naoki Okumura
Senior Vice President: Mamoru Endo
Vice President/Director General, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science: Saku Tsuneta.

This is a model of accountability which should be adopted by every Policy Maker, Advisor and Civil Servant. Check it here:

In other countries, those who fail in their duty, be they ministers or public servants, resign from office immediately. But, this is not a culture fostered by Mauritian Policy Makers or Public Servants.  On these points, I am sure that you will agree with me, Madam!

International Funds-Inputs v/s Outputs

There are lots of funds which are provided by international institutions and foreign countries in view of realizing a wide range of projects throughout the Republic of Mauritius, mainly EU, UNDP/UNFCC, WB, IMF, AFD (France), China, Japan, India, etc. The questions which I have always asked are: how these Funds are disbursed, monitored and controlled and also how far these millions of Rupees yield the appropriate results initially planned and forecasted? It is a question of ‘inputs and outputs’.

NB: Some international researchers are already carrying out surveys in various countries/continents and they state that only a small fraction of such funds is really utilized in their respective projects.

    UNDP Mauritius-I sent an email, on 22 November 2013, to Mr Simon Springett- the UNDP representative in Mauritius, requesting for a meeting to discuss Natural Disasters. I mentioned therein about the deaf ears which the policy makers and institutions are turning to my endeavour of disseminating my findings and of my sensitization campaigns. Unfortunately and stupidly, he too did not listen to me, until now. 


     Commission de L’Océan Indien (COI/IOC)-On 25 November 2013, I sent an email to Mr Jean Claude de L’Estrac-the Secretary General of IOC/COI, after a brief telephone conversation with his secretary. I requested an appointment to discuss about Natural Calamities with him while mentioning about the denials of the Policy Makers and Authorities and Media. Moreover, I stated regarding the then Rainfalls which were showering Mauritius: I am fully convinced that the Scientific World, including those of this region, are ignoring the Weather Systems of the Indian Ocean…The Officers of the Mauritius Meteorological Station continue to do the mistake by saying that they did not know where the rain will make landfall or that the precipitations have been caused by a 'brise de mer'. 


        Unfortunately and as usual, Mr De L’Estrac did not turn up.

I wrote a hard bound document of 19 pages dated 29 August 2014 and entitled ‘LA COMMISSION DE L’OCEAN INDIEN (COI) ET LA GESTION DES CATASTROPHES’, which I submitted to the Secretary General De L’Estrac. I explained clearly that I am not agreeable, amongst other items, to the popular concept that SIDS are not responsible for the emissions of Carbon and of Global Warming. See below NASA picture on Global Biomass Burning.

Mr. Francois Vuillemin of COI/IOC replied to me on 19 September 2014. After thanking me for sharing my views, he encouraged me to contact "l’équipe du projet Risques Naturels et son unité techniques risques basé au COI. Ils ne manqueront pas de vous tenir informer d’une prochaine réunion de scientifiques sur cette thématique lorsqu’elle sera organisée.”

After my insistence, he made Mrs. Fanny Lacroix-Cordinatrice Projet Risque Naturels COI to keep contact with me regarding my requested meeting. The latter emailed me on 16 September 2014:        « Je fais suite à votre demande auprès de la Commission de l’océan Indien afin d’organiser une rencontre avec le chef du projet Risques Naturels de la COI, Monsieur Eric Leroi. Il sera de passage à Maurice à la fin du mois de septembre. Je n’ai malheureusement pas encore les dates précises mais je ne manquerai pas de revenir vers vous dès que j’aurais reçu sa confirmation de mission ».

Catastrophically, no one has yet kept contact or informed me of any event. I hope that the COI is still alive and is not as dead as the Dodo! Please, refer to article published in my Website:                                                                                                                         


(i) I stated to the French Ambassador HE Laurent Garnier, regarding Jean Claude de L’Estrac’s ambition on La Francophonie last year: ‘one should be a national champion before being eligible for the Olympics!’ I do not consider the SG of COI/IOC as a national hero regarding Disaster Resilience.

(ii) The representative of Comoros Island has recently been appointed as the Sec/Gen. of COI. It is noteworthy to say that Comoros is, according to me, the worst member of WMO/Region 1 Africa.

     French Ambassador-I had a telephone conversation, on 30 September 2015, with Mrs. Charlotte Bissutil, the secretary of the French Ambassador HE Laurent Garnier and requested to have a meeting with the latter to discuss about Natural Calamities. She requested me to send an email to that effect. I sent an email to her on 06 October 2015 in which I explained that I prefer to write a document instead of the email. I presumed that this would be a better Action, thereby crystalizing my findings.

My hard-bound document of 40 pages and entitled ‘LA GESTION DES CATASTROPHES A MAURICE, LA FRANCE ET COP 21’ was submitted to the French Ambassador HE Laurent Garnier, on 26 November 2015. Mrs. Bissutil replied after my enquiry through an email, that the document was duly received by her.

I mentioned, in that document, all the loopholes found in our Early Warning Systems, the related solutions and all the blockages I encountered while riding my ‘Cheval de Bataille’.  It is well known that the real and permanent human settlement in Mauritius was undertaken during the French Colonization (1715-1810). France is present during the three centuries and is nowadays the greatest partner in the economic development of Mauritius. Natural Calamities have also caused all types of disruptions and destructions before and until nowadays. France has provided lots of Funds to address these situations through conferences, seminars, workshops and sensitizations, in which many representatives of various institutions and of governmental departments have taken part. The questions which I asked the French Ambassador: why is it that none of those participants could foresee the five Extreme Weather Events (two deadly) which occurred during a lapse of five years: 2008-2013 and also why there is no culture of Disaster Resilience in Mauritius? I also gave a model to realize Disaster Resilience. In addition, I suggested that all Funds earmarked for all projects should be monitored and controlled. Unfortunately, neither Mr. Laurent Garnier nor any of his staff did contact me at all, just like others!

Your Excellency, I am not at all happy with the ways in which, neither the Policy Makers, nor the Responsible Institutions/ Stakeholders nor EU, UNDP/UNFCCC, France, India, China, Japan and others, are tackling the process of building a Disaster Resilient Society of Mauritius.

     It is conclusive that:

  1.      either the participants of the various conferences and/or workshops, which have been held during almost half a century, have not understood the existence of Natural Hazards and of their respective responses or
  2.      that the experts who conduct the capacity building processes are not competent in the understanding of the specificities of calamities which prevail in the South Indian Ocean or
  3.       both above assumptions are a virtual reality.

That is why I set my challenge to ex-Prime Minister, to the Secretary General of Indian Ocean Commission and to the French Ambassador. In fact, I gave the French Ambassador a model by which I would start the process of Disaster Resilience for all the population. 

European Union and Mauritius

It is well known that the European Union has been contributing much in the economic development of the Republic of Mauritius during the 40 years of cooperation.

The 11th EDF National Indicative Programme for the Republic of Mauritius was signed, on 16 June 2016, by H.E. Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of the Republic of Mauritius, and Mr Neven Mimica, European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development…The 11th EDF National Indicative Programme, which amounts to a total of EUR 9.9 million, will guide the bilateral EU-Republic of Mauritius cooperation until 2020”.This is the EU/Mauritius joint press release of that day.

Its objective, as you know well, is to assist Mauritius to evolve from an Upper Middle Income Country to High income Country by improving the relevance, quality and equity in tertiary education and research and innovation, which are seen as key areas to transform Mauritius into a knowledge based and innovative society.I can say in this context thatMismatch Skills’ obviously exist in the ‘Tertiary Education’. Furthermore, this qualification of Mauritius as an ‘Upper Middle Income Country’ seems to be on paper rather than in reality. The series of scandals, the wrong model of Disaster Resilience, the dozens of impoverished citizens, the lawlessness of the social climate, etc. support my view.

Regarding Research and Innovation, “the programme aims at boosting research through putting in place the necessary institutional framework and to increase the number of research proposals that obtain financing.” It is very regrettable to say ‘haut et fort that the Mauritius Research Council had denied financing my project regarding Agalega in April 2001. The issues which I intended to raise for the benefit of the citizens, there, are still valid. The role of this institution is questionable and demands a total review.

     Solving the water supply problem in the north of Mauritius, was an issue in which I succeeded during 1982-83, as a club leader and as a social worker. After a survey, I assembled the three newly elected politicians of constituency No.6, soon after the general elections of 1983. I presented the solutions for replacing the water pipes which had become older than 25 years and which were defective. The four reservoirs serving the inhabitants of the northern region, including the tourist zone, were also damaged and inoperative. It is thanks to my voluntary efforts that the Reservoir of Forbach was erected and is still operating to the satisfaction of the different stakeholders of the region.

     I made another survey in Rodrigues Island during 1995-98 to solve the water shortage suffered by the population. After indicating my solutions to the officer-in-charge of the Water Unit, I flew to India on my own initiative and expenses. My objective was to introduce desalination systems in Rodrigues. I had a meeting with one such investor of Hyderabad, India. He requested me to submit some technical information, namely regarding the chemical water composition of the island. After, returning to Mauritius, I had a meeting with Mr. Booluck, the chairman of the Central Water Authority. The latter told me not to ‘casser la tête’, as the French company Vivendi had already ‘taken over’ to work out the water supply in Mauritius. That CWA project was, unfortunately, aborted and was not realized, yet a desalination unit was introduced successfully at Songes in Rodrigues, some years later.

     As a born Researcher, I made lots of surveys in Rodrigues Island during ten years: 1995-2004. My other issue was the exploration of Oil, Gas and Minerals around some specific coastal area of Rodrigues. I tried to contact the captain of Indian Ship INS Sarvekshak, which was mandated to carry out surveys in the territorial maritime zone of Mauritius. One officer-in-charge of the Ship advised me to contact the Indian High Commission for the purpose. During my correspondences during February 2013, the second secretary of the Indian Embassador, HE Seetharam, informed me that my proposal was acceptable, but it needed prior approval by the Prime Minister’s Office. Unfortunately, ex-PM Ramgoolam did not consider my request.

    The National Remote Sensing Centre, which is under the aegis of the Ministry of Agro-Industry, controls a colony of ground-based Radars at Bigarra. I called, on telephone, the officer-in-charge Mrs. Lilldarry on 21 January 2013 suggesting to pay a visit to the centre with the objective of obtaining some data and information for my researches. She advised me to write a letter to that effect addressed to the Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry, for authorisation. I sent a letter to the latter on the same day-21 January 2013. On 24 January, I sent her an email with an attachment regarding the letter addressed to the PS in question. I called the officer-in-charge some time later to confirm about my meeting.                                                                                                                   

     She replied to me: ‘the NRS Centre does not belong to me, so the PS would decide’.                                                                                                                                                                            

      Madam, I have not yet up to now received any such letter, email or telephone call following my request. This is how civil servants of this republic behave towards the citizens. Moreover, I am a Researcher seeking access to information and data for the purpose of working out my forecasts regarding Natural Disasters in Mauritius. This kind of denial, as you do well know, is against the provisions entrenched in the International Protocols and Conventions in Disaster Management, to which this country has adhered. 

     In addition, I had attached a copy of the extract of ‘Article Six of Doha Convention 2012’ in the letter sent to the  PS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

     According to Section C, paragraph 19, Public Access to information of the Doha Convention reads as follows: “Facilitate public access to data and information, by providing the information on Climate Change initiatives, policies and results of the actions that is needed by the public and other stakeholders to understand, address and respond to Climate Chnge.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Refer to the conference I held on 20 November 2012 at the headquarters of the Agricultural Research and Extension Unit (AREU) which is another department of the same Ministry of Agro-Industry. It is there, that one researcher of the Unit told me that the NRSC is always reluctant to provide data and information even to those working at the Unit or also demands fees for obtaining same. I wonder what sort of secret which is kept out of the reach of the citizens. International Scientists of NASA, NOAA, JTWC, DWD and others, who work out relentlessly, disseminate all data and information to all countries, centres, researchers, students, etc. free of charge. I have always encouraged them for their plausible actions in favour of the Safety and Protection of whole Mankind of this Blue Marble. Refer to articles on my Website.

     Moreover, it is really sad to inform you that I was not allowed to attend the conference on ‘National Dialogue on the Ocean Economy’ that was held on Monday 22 July 2013 at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre (SVICC). The reason which was put forward to me, on that day, was that I was not in the registered list of participants. Nevertheless, I had already informed about my participation on the issue of ocean research to the Director of the Mauritius Institute of Oceanography during my meeting with him at Quatre Bornes, in 2006. See my Website

Your Excellency, do you qualify all these denials as ‘boosting research’ and showing equal opportunity and meritocracy towards ‘un fils du sol’? That is why I consider the civil servants of Mauritius as being ‘barbarous’ and/or ‘monkeys with razors’.

Women's Forum Mauritius 2016: ‘Meeting the climate challenge for SIDS and Africa’ was held, on 20-21 June 2016 in Mauritius, in which you participated. Macro-economic targets, global solutions and solidarity seemed to be in the agenda, focused mainly on Climate issues. Another interesting theme was Bringing more women and youth into the innovation movement.’

‘How to do this for SIDS populations – for STEM and ICT – in ways that promote cultures of research, innovation and entrepreneurship?’

Assuming that obsolete technology is not utilized in these ventures, my view is that we cannot rely entirely on ICT. Traditional, Indigenous and Local Knowledge/Practices (TILK/P) should be adopted as complementary components of Scientific Knowledge and also be considered as an Innovative Climate Action. Besides, TILK/P does not undergo obsolescence and is also almost costless. Moreover, various sectors of production like agriculture, farming, fishing and agro-industry depend mostly and basically on the forces and resources of Nature. So, a proper adaptation strategy is inherent for moving towards Sustainable Development.

The questions which arise after your "Climate, agriculture, biodiversity: Challenges and opportunities", amongst other issues are: how far Innovation is targeted to move towards the actions mentioned in the Agenda of the Women’s Forum and has TILK/P been considered? 

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) presented, in November 2014, a guide for decision-makers: The future Framework disaster risk reduction, as a successor to the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) 2000-2015. It mentioned, amongst others: The rising number of weather –related hazards and the increasing levels of exposure and vulnerability are a global challenge that threatens the reverse years of development gains, preventing us from reaching international targets of eradicating poverty by 2030”.

It is noteworthy to state, at this conjecture, that the 4 citizens who lost their life in the Deadly Flood of 26 March 2008 were caused by inexistence of education and of poor drainage and infrastructural systems. Those localities-Canal Dayot, Pont Bourgeois, Poudrière Canal, Le Pouce Stream, etc. which were severely affected by mudslides in the Mega Flash Flood of 30 March 2013, including the 11 citizens who lost their life were owing to poor, inadequate and/or bad urbanization and lack of Early Warning Systems. The Caudan Water Front Subway and the Harbour Front underground parking are vivid examples of High Vulnerability and Risk. These loopholes have been clearly mentioned in my Assessment Report regarding that Extreme Weather Event of 30 March 2013 and which I submitted to the subsequent Judicial Enquiry. The impacts of the series of localized Flash Floods in January 2015 and in February 2016 depict the same testimony.

The ex-Minister of Environment has stated many times on radio stations that there was no loss of life during the few months as the one responsible of the Disaster Management Centre. He used to compare the loss of lives during the episode of the Flash Flood of 30 March 2013 to the different localized Flash Floods, in Fond du Sac, in Rivière du Rempart, etc. during February 2016. This is pure demagogy and cheap politics. The Extreme Event of 30 March 2013 was an unprecedented Mega Disaster. It was an Extreme Condition under Extreme Circumstances.

The Marine Stratocumulus Clouds which were, presumably, moving from the North-West of the Indian Ocean towards the South-East were hardly 1-2 kilometres from the surface of the sea (earth boundary). See picture. These made landfall, inevitably on the Signal Mountain which was the first and main obstruction found on its way. That was a unique happening which cannot be compared to other Flash Floods. This has been clearly explained, with the support of NASA, in the article on my Website-

According to a local media, there are already more than 6,000 families (30,000 individuals) and dozens of street children/men/women who are, unfortunately, living under the poverty line in Mauritius. Many of them are struggling in extreme conditions. One radio station mentioned a few days ago, that there are more than 6,000 sex workers in this Republic. I had mentioned, at page 37 of my precious document of 28 May 2011, regarding the MDG 2015Will you be able to answer positively, regarding Poverty alleviation, Food Security and Health Care to the Millennium Development Goals which will mature in 2015?’  I was, therefore, right to say so. In short, all the International Conventions and Protocols to which Mauritius has adhered, during the half of a century, are simply ‘protocolaire’, paper work and bureaucratic actions. Good Governance, Accountability, Transparency and Resilience are farfetched. The pathway towards Adaptation, Mitigation and Capacity Building of the population and of the Policy Makers are mounted by lots of hurdles, as specified above

The Policy Makers of Mauritius are not real ‘Agents of Change’. In addition, they are very bad players and are therefore incapable of scoring the ‘17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 Targets...They seek to build on the Millennium Development Goals and complete what they did not achieve’.

They do not appear to be determined: ‘to transform our world for the better by 2030- People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership’…UN Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  

Finance Bill 2016-2017

While I was finalizing this document, Minister Pravind Jugnauth presented, in the National Assembly, the Finance Bill 2016-2017 during 17.12 to 17.18 hours on Friday 29 July 2016. His Budget Speech was based on the theme: ‘A NEW ERA OF DEVELOPMENT’ and on the distribution of Rs103,3 billion for the management of the local affairs. Apart from making provisions for the different economic measures for moving the GDP Growth Rate from 3.4% to 4%, the most popular one is the poverty alleviation targets. The Finance Minister and the future ‘Prime-Minister-in-the-waiting’ presented the Marshall Plan in the chapter of Strategy 8 by stating ‘Eradication of absolute Poverty within two years’. 

The first and most noticeable thing is that, at least the Finance Minister and the government acknowledged the existence of 6,400 families (30,000 individuals) who are living in Absolute Poverty earning less than 3USD.

The provisions for these measures are mainly:

      Reduction of household cooking gas cylinders by Rs. 60/;

      Subsistence Allowance to the 6,400 poor families ranging between Rs. 2,720 to Rs. 9,520 and to    the disabled citizens;

     Cash award to the children of these families amounting to Rs.15,000, Rs.25,000 and Rs. 35,000 after their successful achievements at SC, HSC and Tertiary levels, respectively;

Allowance of Rs. 2,000 to kindergarten children and meal allowance to community school attenders and  Other Housing project incentives, etc. 

Provisions for the combat against Beach Erosions around the country amount to a total of Rs.132m. As mentioned above, there are more than a dozen loopholes at the Meteorological Services. No finance has been earmarked for the investment on replacing outdated equipment and for the increase of human resources, Innovative applications regarding the Early Warning Systems, Education and Sensitization thereof, amongst others. The Disaster Management Centre, as usual is not at all in the purview. 

It is very interesting to note that neither the Finance Minister, nor his father- Prime Minister SAJ, nor any ministers, nor any members of the Opposition side, nor any Government Advisor, nor any NGO representative, nor any economist, nor any news reporter, nor any member of the civil society made any mention about the Sustainable Development Goals. Whereas in reality, the 17 SDG’s are based on 5 P areas: Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership. The first P is People (putting-people-first) whose objective is:

<< People-We are determined to end poverty and hunger, in all their forms and dimensions, and to ensure that all human beings can fulfil their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment.>>

PM Sir Anerood Jugnauth was present at the SDG Summit in October 2015 in New York. Moreover, Mauritius has ratified the COP 21 Paris Agreement, including the Sendai Framework for DRR 2015-2030, etc.  All these justify my standpoint on the ‘Amateurism and Illiteracy of the Policy Makers of Mauritius’.

All these facts also mean a lot. As mentioned above, several members of the population do not obtain satisfactory solutions to their grievances from the public institutions and service. In fact, the reporters of the local media have been highlighting, recently, a few cases of Absolute Poverty cases. The alarming poor conditions of these families were hotly condemned by the public at large. It seems that the Finance Minister had no alternative than to direct his attention towards the issue. Moreover, the other reason is that the government is unable to lift-off the economic development. So, his strategy of calming down the spirit of the populace seems to be succeeded for the time being. He also took much care of not blaming the previous government, as he has already been presenting three other Budgets in different political alliances. 

It is clear that the second reading of the Finance Bill was rather an outburst of popularity propelling Minister P.Jugnauth- Leader of the MSM party, as the future PM of Mauritius. No doubt, this is the public opinion, as he has hit the mind-set of the electorate in general. So, the ‘Eradication of Absolute Poverty’ issue is very political rather than an intention of adhering to the execution of the 17 SDG Targets. You can thus see the hypocritical aspect of the Policy Makers of Mauritius. They discard the International Resolutions, Declarations and Commitments and absorb all credits. As a result, they boost their own image as the representatives of their constituency. The populace (ignorant) has no other alternative than to consider the MLAs as their heroes.  

It is noteworthy, at this context, mentioning about the queries made by one member of the Opposition side of the National Assembly. According to one media, the MLA, who was director at the Ministry of Environment a few years ago, wants to know about the Rs.600m financed by the EU. His query may be justified. Nevertheless, I would ask him, how the Rs.300m funded by the UNFCCC were utilized apart from one Refugee Centre at Quatre-Soeurs, during his service at the above named Ministry?

So, I request EU to stop pouring and draining millions of euros earmarked for Disaster Resilience in Mauritius. Monitoring and Control of all International Funds are first and foremost actions necessary for meeting the positive results through the principles of Good Governance, Accountability, Transparency and Sustainability.

When someone is responsible for serving a nation, he/she is bound to do so as a Sacred Duty. He/she must accomplish this Sacred Duty with Devotion and Righteousness. If there is any fault, then Doomsday becomes inevitable and Curses prevail. All those who turned a deaf ear to my devoted duty, have all fallen in the ditch: Ex-Director of MMS-Dunputh, ex-PM- Ramgoolam, ex-DPM- Beebeejaun, ex-Speaker- Peeroo, ex-Lord Mayor- Hossenally, ex-Minister of Education-Bunwaree, ex-Minister of Environment-Dayal.  Hon. P. Jugnauth is dwindling and Old SAJ is will retire soon. Ex-SG/COI has already packed up. Ambassador Garnier is on the move. Others will follow soon.

On 26 March 2008, 4 died; on 30 March 2013, 11 lost their life.                                                                  

Will March 2018 mark the Ides of March?’ Be prepared!

NASA Scientists have clearly explained how the DOOMSDAY Misfortunes are likely to take place worldwide. All signs, from LAOS: Land-Atmosphere-Ocean-Space are already visible virtually all across the Blue Planet. The chain of Calamities is already stitched with the Solar Flares and Magnetic Blasts. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory ‘captured this image of an M7.6 solar flare – as seen in the bright flash on the right side of the sun – on July 23, 2016’. 

See picture and also refer to: 

On 21 July 2016, the locality of Mitrabah in Kuwait registered a Record Heat of 540 Celsius. The World Meteorological Organization intends to nominate a Committee to report some findings on the issue.

Read more:

The Wobble of Mother Earth occurred with the Deadly Tsunami of 26 December 2004. The series are continuing. Watch   

Predictions-Past and Future

At page 37 of My Precious Document of 28 MAY 2011, I stated: ‘I am sure that you have confirmed your literacy rate in Natural Catastrophes that are swarming around us. What do you feel when I tell you now, that I have Predicted since 2008, that the first Earthquake which is likely to strike the mainland of Mauritius will be around the zone of Chamarel???’

The Chamarel and Bay du Cap roads were blocked by falling rocks in June 2014. This is another 100% Perfect Prediction. Read more:

* This time, I Predict that the whole of Port Louis District will likely be subject to an Earthquake. The impacts will be as follows: Champs De Mars, Valley Pitot, Citadel Hill, Tranquebar will undergo material damages, mainly. The coastlines from Les Salines, the Harbour until Baie Du Tombeau, will be under the eventual invading Waves of a Tsunami, destroying almost all rudimentary or fragile houses! ! !

I mentioned in my Assessment Report on the Deadly Flash Flood of 30 March 2013, that the Caudan Water Front Compound is the Riskiest Disaster Zone of Mauritius. Eight citizens, out of the eleven, lost their life here. Thousands of people, local and visitors cross the Capital which is the densest area of all activities-governmental, educational, business, trade, commerce, movement of vehicles, shipping, parking, leisure, etc. Early Warning Systems being inexistent within Port Louis, just imagine the rate and magnitude of Disasters which are capable of being triggered by any potential Hazard. See picture.

The Tide Gauge of the Meteorological Services has been, foolishly and recklessly, installed since 1986 in a Labyrinth of muddy water-Trou Fanfaron. This equipment is supposed to record and alert the movement of tides and eventually of Tsunami Waves. Yet, it is located more than 2.5 km form the shoreline of Port Louis Harbour. Besides, it is a zone where there are few people who move in, as compared to the highly frequented area of Caudan Water Front.  I mentioned this issue in my various documents submitted to the Policy Makers and to the COI, whose senses seem to have been blasted. Refer to the photograph captured and shown.

* La Fournaise, of Reunion Sister Island, is one of the most active volcanoes of Mother Earth which are currently active. Volcanic Ash, Acid Rain and Emissions of Toxic Gases are also in the pipe line capable of paralyzing economic activities and of affecting human health. Are you Prepared Madam?

* My Prediction and Forecast Track of Cyclone ABELA (16 July 2016) is better than JTWC, Météo-France, MMS, Météo-Madagascar. Given, that the South Indian Ocean was visited during Winter Season, this indicates that other/s which will form and evolve before the Summer Season 2016-2017. Moreover, I foresee Disastrous Cyclones for the oncoming Season for this zone. So, keep watch!  

Ocean Hazards

I seize the opportunity, at this conjecture, to comment on the series of misfortunes in which 2 police officers and two children drowned at the Grand River South-East on Wednesday 08 June 2016. On the following day 4 tourists and their boat skipper were stranded in the sea, but were luckily saved. Another event is the shipwreck of bulk carrier Benita at Le Bouchon coast in the south of Mauritius on Thursday 16 June 2016. I listened to all the comments and explanations made by the National Coast Guards, Police Officers, skippers, and others, including one local oceanographer, regarding all these miserable episodes. Yet, no one mentioned about the Impact of the Atmosphere on the ocean/sea and on the geomorphology of the deep sea around the island. Do you think Madam, that all these professionals are Literate in Disaster Management? NO!

I intend, in this context, to request the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Xavier Duval to accept a presentation of mine in capacity building of those concerned.  


It is worthwhile to note the following:

     The WMO has approved my suggestions on the applications of Traditional, Indigenous Knowledge/Local Practices (TIKL/P) and of Cloud Observations from the Ground, as described above. I am already constructing the Cloud Atlas of the South Indian Ocean- a unique endeavour.

     Moreover, WMO has encouraged me to submit my series of Scientific Documents to be recognized by the IPCC. This process will start soon.

     In line with my Pioneering Spirit and as my Innovative Action, I am introducing articles in KREOL language version in my Website: from which more than 700 newsletters are disseminated worldwide, including 120 WMO members, international scientists, a few local policy makers and public.

     Apart from existing Videos, Gifs, animated power point clips and other applications, oriented towards education in Climate Dynamics, are in the pipeline. All these are accessible from any pc, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.

      I operate almost like an institution while mobilizing all my resources. Yet, I do not claim to know everything, because I nurture the process of life-long learning.

I am thankful to the following for their invaluable data and information: NASA (my best partner), JAXA, WMO, NOAA, JTWC, NRL, EUMETSAT, DWD (Germany), EU, Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS), UN, Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC), METEO FRANCE, Australian BOM, MMS, all the 120 WMO members, Facebook and Twitter social media pages (from which other international venues are reachable), etc.

I am not only a Born Patriot, but also a Universal Citizen. So, whatever takes place in the Blue Marble is a cause of my personal concern. This is the moto of my ‘Cheval de Bataille’.

In light of all the ‘pilgrimage to the temples’ of Policy Makers and of Institutions accomplished by my ‘Cheval de Bataille’ as mentioned above, I am requesting you, Excellency, to have a meeting with you to discuss the issues of Disaster Resilience. 

Mourrir sans partager, c’est partir en voleur’ 

This Document  addressed to Ms. MARJAANA SALL Ambassador of  EUROPEAN UNION Mauritius was submitted in person to the Secretariat of EU EMBASSY St James Court, Port Louis, Mauritius.


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