Mega/Deadly Flash Flood of 30 March 2013
in Mauritius and Judicial Enquiry ‘Cover-Up’

Mega/Deadly Flash Flood of 30 March 2013 in Mauritius and Judicial Enquiry ‘Cover-Up’The First Mega/Deadly Flash Flood in the history of Mauritius occurred at mid-day of Saturday 30 March 2013. 152.2 mm of Precipitations Floodedthe whole Island, within less than 1.30 hours. The Deadly Impacts were in Port Louis District; namely at the City Centre and in the Western outskirt. Loss of Life reached 11, wherein 6 were drown-dead in the Subway of the Caudan Water Front, 2 others drowned in the underground parking of the Harbour Water Front, 2 were found lifeless around the Poudrière Canal and in Le Pouce Stream, including one senior citizens who died out of heart-attack at Canal Dyot located in the West of Port Louis. That Weather Event of 30 March 2013 is qualified by me as the Most Deadly Flash Flood and the First Mega Disastrous Calamity experienced by the inhabitants and foreigners. It happened under Extreme Conditions and in Exceptional Circumstances (EC-EC). It is well known that 11 'innocent citizens’ of Mauritius lost their life, public and household infrastructure were damaged and destroyed, including vehicles which were catapulted topsy-turvy and crashed against each other.

I was the only one to have Predicted the oncoming Deadly Weather System of 30 March 2013. I alerted, through email, the Director of the Mauritius Meteorological Services, Mr Dunputh on 20 March 2013, 10 days before its occurrence. I mentioned in my email by stating that the Flood is an ‘Interesting Rainfall Pattern which he should consider seriously. I also attached, in the email, a Satellite Imagery showing the approaching Cyclone IMELDA and the Rain Clouds moving towards Mascarene Islands. See picture.

Traditional Knowledge and Scientific Knowledge

Let me clarify my Prediction. See the Satellite Imagery of ex-Meteosat-7. The Footprint was taken at 16.00hrs of 19 March 2013 (09.03.13). Look at the pink circle on the left in which most of the bands of clouds are on Madagascar. Now see the right hand side of the circle. Reunion Island is located almost at its centre. Mauritius is just on the North-East of Reunion. Rodrigues Island, very tiny, is in the far-East. All these three Islands are known as the Mascarene Islands. All three of them are nearly far from the cloud bands. The Prediction is written: ‘HEAVY RAINFALLS 22-28 March 2013 + COLD WINDS’. Now verify the Real-Time Satellite Imageries of 12.00 noon and of 18.00hrs of 30 March 2013.

Very clearly, the question which can be asked is: How is it, that one Weather Forecaster can Predict a Heavy Rain and/or Flood on seeing such a Satellite Imagery? No doubt, it is question of interpretation, of foresight and of experience. However, these should also be effected by applying Traditional, Indigenous and Local Knowledge/Practices (TILK/P), which is complementary to Scientific Forecasts of Natural Calamities.See the other Satellite Imageries of 12.00 (noon) during the Landfall of the ‘Marine Stratocumulus Clouds’ and of 18.00 hrs soon after the Mega Disaster had almost ended. That was a 100% Perfect Prediction with a date as the variable. It was also the First and Best Long-Term Prediction.

This is the exact TILK/P explanation I illustrated, at the face-to-face meeting I had with Mr Dunputh, Acting DG of the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS) on 17 October 2012. It was just three days before I left Mauritius for my campaign in Rodrigues Island on 20 October. Besides, I sent a series of about a dozen emails to Mr D afterwards, in view of informing him of my Weather Forecasts.

Unfortunately, Mr Dunputh criticised my Alert ‘live’ on a private radio station on 23 March 2013, when the MMS was marking the ‘World Meteorological Day’. He acted contrary to the WMO Protocols and Conventions.

On a previously occasion, he was late in launching the Torrential Rain Warning of 13 February 2013, whose Alert was also sent to him 10 days before hand; that is on 03 February. Refer to picture.

Kindly, take note that the DGs of the MMS-Messrs D.Vagjee, Sok-Appadu and S. Boodhoo are aware of my capacity in Predicting Natural Calamities. 

In addition, the ex-Lord Mayor-Aslam Hossenaly also did not assemble his staff as requested a week before. My intention was to make a presentation on the Predicted Torrential Rain of 13 February 2013. 


NASA informed me on 22 March 2013, that a band of ‘Marine Stratocumulus Clouds’ were converging, since 11 March 2013, from the North-West towards the South-East of the South-West Indian Ocean. The striking feature was that the upper part of the 'Marine Stratocumulus Clouds' which were thicker and were moving at the height of 2 km of the ‘Earth Boundary’ (Surface of the Ocean) and the Lower Layer was only 1 km of the Sea Surface.  They eventually, made mainly landfall on both sides of Signal Mountain which was found along its track. So, the Impacts were mainly in Caudan Water Front and Canal Dyot. Refer to the picture provided by NASA.

"Earth’s Boundary  Layer extends upward from the land or ocean surface to roughly 2 kilometers (1 mile) in altitude, and it is the part of the atmosphere where interactions with the planet surface have the strongest effects”.

Sensitizing Policy Makers

The striking action of Ringing the Early Warning System (EWS) is attributable to the document I submitted to the Speaker of the National Assembly of Mauritius-Razack Peeroo on 23 March 2013 (World Meteorological Day).After listing all the loopholes which exist in the Early Warning System in Mauritius and the blockages encountered by my ‘Cheval de Bataille

I mentioned, at page 6:
Therefore Sir, a brake should be applied immediately because the system is cruising towards the ditch….I am requesting you Mr. Speaker Sir, as the Guardian of the Business of the National Assembly, to assemble (say in Vagjee Hall) all the Policy Makers both from the Government side and the Opposition side, including the Members of the National Disaster Committee, so that I can make my Presentation. What I am proposing is above politics. It is not an arena for political strife. It is a question of Awareness, Preparedness, Sharing and Solidarity in order to Mitigate the Impacts of Natural Hazards. In short it is a question of ‘CONSCIENCE COLLECTIVE’, holistically speaking.”

I also elaborated on the Climate Actions which were carried out by my ‘Cheval de Bataille’. I had stated my ‘Awareness, Preparedness and Mitigation Campaign’ from Rodrigues Island during 20-25 October 2012 (Disaster Management Centre, Colleges and Hotel Staff) and at the Agricultural Research and Extension Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture at Quatre Bornes on 20 November 2012 and at the Press Conference on 19 December 2012. I was heralding that Cyclones and Floods would strike Mauritius as from the beginning of

January 2013. The purpose was to sensitize everyone on the First and Best Long-Term-Prediction I made since October 2006 (six years earlier).

The Prediction was as follows: ‘Disastrous Cyclones like GERVAISE and KALUNDE would not visit Mauritius between 2007 and 2012; that Cyclones and Floods would do so as from January 2013’."

Catastrophically, ex-Speaker RazackPeeroo did not speak to me at all. He turned a deaf ear and remained MUTE. He also failed to apply the break as I requested. Unfortunately,  'the System fell  in the ditch’, as I alerted on 23 March 2013, just 9 days before the Deadly Flash Flood of 30 March. Miserably, 11 innocent citizens of Mauritius lost their life.

Ex-Speaker Peeroo was Minister of Labour, Minister of Human Rights and Attorney General in previous governments. At that time, he was a returned candidate at the polls. But, he did not stand as candidate during the general elections of 2010. However, he was just nominated as Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Mauritius in 2010. It is ridiculous that such Speaker conducts the business of the National Assembly and commands, like a Ruler, the affairs of the Assembly whose members (government and opposition sides) represent the population. Technically, he is not at all answerable and accountable to the populace, contrary to the rest of the National Assembly members. ‘De facto’, he has no interest of Providing the Protection and Safety of the population. Moreover, the concept of ‘Putting-People-First’ is unrealizable by the such holder of the Constitutional Post.This category of people claim to be a ‘fixed-depot’ and are therefore claim to be eligible for a constitutional post or of political reward or other.

So, such nominations should not be considered in a Sovereign Democratic State like Mauritius. This defeats the purpose and kills the spirit of the representation of the populace. The current Speaker is, miserably, also from more or less similar status, being a defeated candidate at the 2014 polls. This is one of the main reasons which compelled me to mention in my precious document of 2011 submitted to the PM and other Policy Makers, that “the Policy Makers of Mauritius are illiterate in Disaster Management”.

That was a 100% Perfect Prediction: Cyclone DUMILE was named on 01 January 2013, Torrential Rain struck on 13 February 2013 and the Mega/Deadly Flash Flood on 30 March 2013.

In addition, I launched my conferences at college level since February 2013. The Rector of Islamic Cultural College, Mr B.Taleb, agreed to my proposal and a conference was held at the College on Monday 25 February 2013. It was just 12 days after the Torrential Rain of 13 February and 34 Days before the Mega Flood of 30 March 2013.

Unfortunately, Hon Bunwaree ex-Minister of Education failed to give me the green light as requested by me, despite the acceptance by other college rectors. The Mauritius Red Cross, amongst many others, also failed to attend to my request. All these campaigns were undertaken just a few weeks before the Deadly Weather Event of 30 March 2013.

Judicial Enquiry and Proceedings

The government of ex-PM Ramgoolam instituted a Judicial Enquiry in view of elucidating the circumstances in which people lost their life.The Judicial Enquiry was carried out at Room No. 4, Divisional District Court, Pope Hennessy Street, Port Louis. It was chaired and conducted by Magistrate Mrs. Rambarran, as directed by the ‘Terms of Reference’ listed by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The 10 Hearings started as from Wednesday 23 April 2014 and ended by 25 May 2014. There were about 122 Witnesses according to the Weekly Cause List issued by the Court. Representatives of the State Law Office, of various Public and of Private Institutions, of NGOs and Relatives of the Victims of the 11 Persons who Lost their Life, Professionals of many sectors, Individuals, including a Mauritian Historian were heard. 

The Court Hearing started every day by the Introduction/Plea presented by 4-5 Attorneys (1 man + 3-4 women) who represented the State Law Office and the eventual Prosecution Department of the DPP. All witnesses at the Court Hearings were called at the Witness Box one by one according to the time/s and date/s scheduled in the Weekly Cause List. 

However, my name was neither in the Weekly Cause List nor any Summons was served on me to Stand as a Witness. This was so, in spite of various Documents, Proofs and covering letters which I submitted to the DPP, prior to the holding of the Enquiry. 

Nevertheless, I attended the Judicial Enquiry at Room 4 as from 23 April 2014. It is noteworthy to mention here that the Clerk of the Court asked me about my presence at the hearings. Given, that I did not receive any Summons from the Director of Public Prosecutions, I continued to attend the court. It was an exceptional occasion for me to take stock of the information oozed out by the Witnesses.

The first series of Witness was the presentation by the Police Inspector who was in charge of the Police Information Operation Room (PIOR). The Footages of the 172 CCTV cameras installed at strategic points in Port Louis. The Images showed clearly the Deadly Impacts of the APPOCALYPTIC TORRENTS of 30 March 2013. I attended the last Hearing on 23 May 2014 when the Chief Project Manager Mr H. Bholah who was responsible of the Infrastructural Works at the National Development Unit. I left the Court with great deception because, until that day, no one expressed any concern or responsibility for the Death of the 11 people.

Contrarily, it is noteworthy to say that I was duly convened by the Fact Finding Committee which was instituted, by the same government of ex-PM Ramgoolam, after the Death of 4 Mauritians during the Deadly Flood of 26 March 2008. See the documents submitted.

The Loss of Life reached 11 totalling a rate of 275% within a lapse of five years:that is 4 on 26 March 2008 and 11 on 30 March 2013. Those who were dead on 30 March 2013 are listed below.
I.    6 persons were drown-dead in the Subway of the Caudan Water Front: Jeffrey Allan Wright, Sylvia Fokeer-Wright (mother to former), Toolsee Ram Ramdhari, Pravin Kumar Khoosye, Karmish SaligramTewary and Dhanraj SaligramTewari (brothers);
II.    2 others drowned in the underground parking of the Harbour Water Front: Rabindranath Bhobany (a friend of mine) and  Fan Lan Wong Tat Chong Lai Kim;
III.    Stevenson Henriette was found lifeless in Poudrière Canal;
IV.    Retnon Sithenen was discovered dead in Le Pouce Stream and
V.    one senior citizens died out of heart-attack at Canal Dyot located in the West of Port Louis.

The Judicial Enquiry started on Wednesday 23 April 2014. I was able to obtain, the following day, a photocopy of the Cause List attached to the notice served by the Director of Public Prosecutions SC Satyajit Boolell on the District Magistrate of Port Louis (South). The copy was as it is with lots of corrections and modifications regarding the Witnesses. Refer to the picture.

It is worth noticing that the Director of the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS), Mr Dunputh resigned from the office just a few days after the Mega Flash  Disaster of 30 March 2013. He was blamed for the Loss of 11 Lives on Flash Flood of 30 March 2013. In addition, it was he who was also responsible for the Loss of Lives of 4 other citizens during the Deadly Flood of 26 March 2008. 

It should also be noted that the Witnesses were ‘paraded’' in queue before each hearing. The Presiding Magistrate Mrs Rambarran noticed that the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS) was represented by a junior Meteorologist (Mr G.V.) In fact, Mr. Prem Golaup, who was acting as Director of the MMS, was Witness Number 49 as published in the Cause List. The Magistrate made it clear to the Meteorologist in question, that she was conducting a Judicial Enquiry regarding the deaths of 11 citizens of 30 March 2013. She asked him to return to the MMS and to request Mr Goulaup or a Senior Officer of the MMS to attend the Court. Finally, it was Mr. Rajan Mungra, another Acting Director of the MMS, who attended the Judicial Enquiry as from Tuesday13 May 2014.

Mr. Mungra, Acting Director of the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS) clarified from the Witness Box, the Weather Bulletin issued at 4.30 am of Saturday 30 March 2013: 
General Situation- a moderate airstream and perturbed is flowing over the island…Cloudy periods with showers especially to the East and to the South… Wind Easterly 20-30 km/h, gusting to 60 km/h…Sea rough beyond reefs. Public is advised not to venture at sea."

The Weather Bulletin of 11.30 am of the same 30 March was almost the same. Mr Mungra stated that ‘the forecasters on duty on that day were convinced about this forecast. So, it was expected that the East of Mauritius would be under Rainfalls; that the Port Louis area had a completely clear sky; that there was no indication that there was a System that could cause the Heavy Rainfall on that day.’

In my email sent to the ex-Director Dunputh ten days earlier (20 March 2013), I mentioned ‘an Interesting Rainfall Pattern’. Unfortunately, he discarded my Alert. Besides, NASA Aqua Satellite identified since 11 March 2013. The ‘Marine Stratocumulus Clouds’ were moving from the North-West of the South Indian Ocean towards the South-East. It means that ex-director Dunputh and his team did not interpret, correctly, the Satellite Footprint of ex-METEOSAT-7.

Conclusively, the whole team of the MMS was not attuned to NASA data and information, as I received on 22 March regarding the ‘Marine Stratocumulus Clouds’ which were cruising hardly 1-2 km above sea level. Furthermore, this also proves that the MMS team did not consult Météo-France-Réunion(MFR) which is the Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC) of the South-West Indian Ocean. So, neither did they consult the Satellite Footprint nor the Radar of the RSMC, despite the Weather System in question was crystal clear there.

It should be noted that Satellites and Radars are considered as ‘Critical-Life-Saving-Toolsin the Early Warning Systems (EWS). Mauritius has recourse to METEOSAT-8, No 7 having retired two years ago. However, there is no Meteorological Radar these days.The one located (wrongly conceived) on the flank of the dormant volcano-Trou-aux-Cerfs, which was operational since 1977, became obsolete since 2002 after 25 years of service. See picture. The government of Japan has proposed the donation of one Doppler Radar, since 2015 and is expected to be supplied by 2019 or later. 

Satellites and Radars are like our two hands which allow us to have a strong hold on objects. Having only one hand (Satellite), means that we are handicapped. Disability is, therefore, inevitable. So, the Directors and Teams of the Mauritius Meteorological Services cannot claim to make perfect Weather Forecasts. Neglecting the resources freely available at International and Regional Centres and discarding Alerts heralded by me resulted in ‘ Inevitable Fatalities’. Besides, the situation is still the same. The MMS is unable to keep pace with the JTWC and MFR which monitor and provide Advisories on Weather Systems of this current 2017-2018 Season. These have been highlighted in various articles on this

Caudan Waterfront the Lowest and Most Vulnerable place in Mauritius

It is deplorable that the State Property Development Corporation (SPDC) was represented, at the Judicial Enquiry, by two Defence Lawyers. During cross examinations, the Barristers in question expressed their views by accusing the Security Guard who was on service on the 30 March 2013. According to them, the Guard was responsible for the deathof the 6 who drowned in the Subway, which is U-shaped. This is inacceptable, because the Guards working there do not have appropriate training and skills. Besides, they are not provided with tools and resources for providing safety to the public. As mentioned above, the cctv cameras and alarms were not working at that time. So, the SPDC is therefore the main accused and responsible for the Loss of Lives at Caudan Water Front.

The promoters of the underground parking of the Harbour Front complex are on the same liable situation. Besides, the Harbour Police and Coast Guards Stations are hardly fifty metres away, but could not save lives. Criminal liability rests also on their shoulders.

Apart from the lengthy proceedings of the Judicial Enquiry, Magistrate Mrs Rambarran also carried out a few site visits at the places where the victims lost their life. 

Mention was also made in my Assessment Report that the Caudan Water Front and the Harbour Front premises are located in the riskiest and lowest zone of Port Louis City and of whole Mauritius, too. Besides, age old useful drainage systems were covered by landscaping works made during infrastructural development in the area. As a result, these old drainages were revived and rebuilt after the sad episode of 30-03-13. Mauritius is well-known as having very poor drainage systems.The Caudan Subways should be closed for ever and Flyovers be instead constructed. See pictures.
In addition, the Caudan Water Front subways have no security for the safety of the thousands of people who work or visit the premises. CCTV cameras, alarms, drainage and evacuation systems, hand rails, life buoys, etc. were almost inexistent and are still so.  Such loopholes also exist at the Harbour Front underground parking.

NB: It worthwhile to note at this conjecture, that the unprecedented Disastrous Impact of the ‘Marine Stratocumulus Clouds’ triggered Apocalyptic Torrents of Water and Muds. The energy so generated was able to overflow all drainage systems, houses, buildings, public infrastructure, canals and streams found along the flows. Moreover, about 300 cars, busses and lorries were carried away and damaged, often catapulted against each other. The Videos referred to prove all these. See the wall around the premises of the National History Museum. Despite the large stone fixed by iron bars were damaged. Constructions above Poudrière Canal and Le Pouce Stream were the main causes of blocking the tremendous flows of Water and Mud, including debris and garbage.  

Canal Dyot Locality

The Canal Dyot inhabitants outlived a horrible nightmare. The 'Marine Stratocumulus Clouds' also triggered Torrents of Water and Mud submerging almost all the houses along the narrow passage of the canal. The Muddy Water level reached more than 7-8 feet which caused loss of and damage to the residential and commercial buildings. It was here that a senior citizen died of heart attack. Sable Noir locality, located near the coastline, was also under same situations. Luckily, no loss of life occurred there. Some drainage works, though slowly and discontinued, were carried after the sad episode. The poorly constructed Motor Way of Port Louis was also the cause of flows of Water and Mud towards the Caudan Water Front. The plausible reasons for such Natural Hazards are attributed to the Geomorphological Structure of Island Mauritius and the unfinished Ring Road construction works.

Mauritius is estimated by scientists to have been born about 10 Million Years Ago (MYA) during the Ancient Series separated into the Brecia Series (10-78 MYA) and Old Lava Series (7.6-5 MYA) with a break of 200,000 Years. 
Most of Mauritius is covered by unconsolidated materials: The surface soils are the basis of agriculture and forestry. Below the soil and the influence of plants life lie loose materials derived from the inorganic decomposition of the hard solid rocks that make up the basic structure of the island. This is the zone of Weathering…Physical and Chemical” PremSaddul, 2002, Mauritius A Geomorphological Analysis, Chapters III& IV, pages 31-107.

Further explanations are as follows: “Port Louis Mountain Range represents the remains of the old volcanic shield which emerged from sea level more than 7 MYA”. Signal Mountain was built by the lava flows coming from that shield volcano consisting of ‘hard and compact ankaramite rocks’. After long period of Weathering (7MYA) ‘a thick cover of coluvial deposits comprising mainly of clayey soil, basaltic gravels and a few boulders fellat the foot of Signal Mountain'. This region is called La Butte and is a dangerous landslide prone zone, declared as such since 1987. However, investors have defied the authorities for erecting buildings. During the Mega Flash Flood of 30 March 2013, Torrents of Water and Mud were seen invading the Motorway catapulting vehicles, as seen in the Videos above.

Canal Dyot is rather a locality located between Signal Mountain, Pailles Hill and Mount Ory (349 mt). This residential plot of land is shaped like a boat with the front side facing the hills and the rear situated near the sea shore. St. Louis Stream whose source is at Pailles Hill and Le Pouce Mountain splits Canal Dyot locality and also surrounds it on two sides. Grand River North West which is the largest river of Mauritius flows on the west of this locality.
The Policy Makers of Mauritius are known to be ‘part-timers’ and ‘amateurs’.The Ring Road project was started along the feet and flanks of these hills. The loose soil and materials leftover during the construction works became the ingredient of Mudslides covering 7-8 feet of all buildings, houses and roads found around St. Louis Power Station found a little uphill also channelled eroded soils found along its flanks. So, the 152.2 mm of Precipitation Flowed like Torrents of Muddy Water.
Refer to the pictures.  

Disaster Resilience and Conclusion

All the Documents which I submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) were also delivered in the hands of the Chairperson- Magistrate Rambarran. My aim was to help shedding some glow of light on the occurrence of the Mega/Deadly Flash Flood of 30 March 2013. Besides, after the Report of the Judicial Enquiry was published, the DPP denied me a copy of that Report. All the news reporters of the local media received a copy of that report. I was asked by the office of the DPP to make a formal letter. I submitted a request letter to him on 30 March 2015, but no such report on the Judicial Enquiry was delivered to me.

The purpose of instituting a Judicial Enquiry is to determine the probable culprits. Given, that people were dead on 30 March 2013, it is a case of Homicide. So, the Report should have identified the ‘Guilty Act’(Actus Reus) and/or the ‘Guilty Mind’ (Mens Rea) of the Policy Makers, Institutional Representatives and/or individuals concerned and heard at the Court Hearings. Depending on the findings of the Enquiry, the persons charged of the Homicide have to be tried at the court in order to establish the Criminal Liability: Unlawful Act/Omission and/or the Unlawful intent-voluntary, involuntary, conspiracy, carelessness, negligence, recklessness, inadvertence, etc. pertaining to the ‘Loss of Lives’.

It is now 5 years since the 11 citizens lost their life and 4 years since the Judicial Enquiry was carried out. Until today, there is no sign as to whether Trials will be held at the Court. A few thousand of Rupees were granted, as indemnity, to the family of the victims. Besides, the parents of one of the dead youngman refused to take the indemnity offered by the then government of ex-PM.Moreover, one of the two Victims who were drown-dead in the Harbour Front building, was the only breadwinner of his family. The ex-PM had promised a job to the widow, as a hardship case. But, it was just a mirage.

Things have to be redressed both at the level of the miseries suffered by the population and also at the level of Disaster Resilience. It is worthwhile mentioning that no information is available to know whether the families of the 4 other citizens who Lost their Life on the Deadly Flood of 26 March 2008, were also indemnified.

It is also to be noted, as assessed in my Report, that at least 24 individuals, institutional heads and Policy Makers are answerable for the Loss of Live of those eleven citizens.
Disaster Resilience is usually initiated by the government which mobilizes ‘Country-Driven-Mechanisms’ and by ‘Putting-the–People-First’. This ‘People-Centred-Concept’ is implemented chronologically in a first phase as following: ‘Awareness, Preparedness, Adaptation, Mitigation, Response, Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation’. The second phase is ‘Relief and Rehabilitation’. Miserably speaking, the Policy Makers of Mauritius have failed totally in the Deadly Events of 26 March 2008 and of 30 March 2013. There was total failure also of the Activation of the Early Warning Systems (EWS) as entrenched in the Mission Statements of WMO and of UNISDR.

In light of the above, it is conclusive that there is ‘Cover-up’ on the above mentioned Judicial Enquiry. The brother of the DPP is the ‘right-hand-man’ of PTr.

Ex-UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon mentioned in his speech while on official visit to Mauritius 08-09May 2016: 
 “Raise your voice, challenge your leaders and make your leaders accountable for your future. You have prerogative rights to raise your voice.” 

It is worthwhile to mention about the successful campaign of my ‘Cheval de Bataille’ in view of building a Disaster Resilient society at International Level. The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) of Nepal is already benefiting from the Satellite data and information of India Meteorological Department (IMD). This issue was discussed and solved during my meeting with the DG and ADG of IMD, Delhi on 29 August 2017, following the request made by DG of DHM Nepal during my meeting on 07 August 2017 at Katmandu. 

Moreover, during my several meetings with the IMD of Delhi, Kolkata and Patna, during 23 May-September 2017, I suggested that training should be offered to Media, which tend to distort and/or modify Weather Bulletins, Warnings and Alerts. The same suggestion was made to DHM of Nepal. It was also my target presented to HCM Rajasthan Institute of Public Administration of Jaipur on 10 July 2017. The Project Manager of Bihar State Disaster Management Authority (BSDMA) was like-wise informed, just like the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) of Delhi and the National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) of Delhi. 

IMD, Delhi organised, on 16 April 2018, a ‘Press Briefing’, at Mahika Auditorium, 1st Floor, PrithviBhawan, Lodhi Road, New Delhito present the future coming South West Asian Monsoon 2018:
Press Briefing on 1st stage “Long Range Forecast for Southwest Monsoon Rainfall, 2018”

Nepal, on the other hand, marked the ‘World Water Day on 22 March 2018’ and ‘World Meteorological Day on 23 March 2018’ Media-Wise.

Watch Youtube Videos.

Email sent as EARLY WARNING to Director of MMS 10 days beforehand:

///from: KANHYE PREABUTH <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 11:57:57 +0400
to: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>    



     I had mentioned in my last email dated 11 March 2013 about the interesting rainfall pattern.

Please, refer to the attachment below. I Predict HEAVY RAINFALLS between 22 to 28 March 2013, similar to 26 March 2012 and also accompanied by probable COLD WINDS.

I am also forwarding the email dated 26 March 2012.

Best Regards.

P.KANHYE.                                      20 MARCH 2013.]]]

PKANHYE.            First Uploaded: 15 DECEMBER 2015.

Republished after CYBER ATTACK DECEMBER 2019.

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