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First Mega/Deadly Flash Flood of 30 March 2013

in Mauritius and Judicial Enquiry ‘Cover-Up’

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The  First Mega/Deadly Flash Flood in the history of Mauritius occurred at mid-day of Saturday 30 March 2013. 152.2 mm of Precipitations Flooded the whole Island, within less than 1.30 hours. The Deadly Impacts were in Port Louis District; namely in the City Centre and in the Western outskirt. Loss of Life reached 11, wherein 6 were drown-dead in the Subway of the Caudan Water Front, 2 others drowned in the underground parking of the Harbour Water Front, 2 were found lifeless around the Poudrière Canal and in Le Pouce Stream, including one senior citizen who died out of heart-attack at Canal Dyot located in the West of Port Louis. That Weather Event of 30 March 2013 is qualified by me as the Most Deadly Flash Flood and the First Mega Disastrous Calamity experienced by the inhabitants and foreigners. It happened under Extreme Conditions and in Exceptional Circumstances (EC-EC). It is well known that 11 ‘innocent citizens’ of Mauritius lost their life, public and household infrastructure were damaged and destroyed, including vehicles which were catapulted topsy-turvy and crashed against each other.

Uploaded:  FRIDAY 30 MARCH 2018.

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Thunder, Lightning and Flood Storm

              Approaching Rodrigues, Mauritius and Reunion              


The Summer Season 2016-2017 is expected to end, officially, by mid-May. It has been marked by one Flood Storm (15-17 January 2017), CARLOS Tropical Cyclone (04-07 February 2017), DINEO Tropical Cyclone (13-15 February 2017), ENAWO Intense Tropical Cyclone (07-09 March 2017) and FERNANDO Moderate Tropical Cyclone (14-15 March 2017). ENAWO made landfall in Madagascar tracking along from the North to the South causing Extreme Weather Conditions and humanitarian crisis. All these have been Perfectly PREDICTED since 07-11 January 2017 as mentioned in the 'Summer Outlook 2016-2017'. However, local Atmospheric Conditions presently indicate that a System of Thunder, Lightning and Flood Storm is approaching Rodrigues, Mauritius and Reunion Islands. See pictures. Neither the JTWC nor MFR have yet identified the system. But  cyclone formation has been forecast by JTWC to be on the High side in North-West Australia.

(UPLOADED: 11.50 am THURSDAY 06 APRIL 2017.)  

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