PERSEVERANCE Rover 'Mother' and 'INGENUITY' Helicopter Baby
Probing MARS Red Planet
Unveiling Life Origins 2020


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory,                                                  Date : 29 June 2020.

California, USA.

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Dear Madams/Sirs,


This is to inform you that I am proud to have NASA as my best ‘Partner’ with regards to the scientific and technical data/information for my researches.

The launching of ‘PERSEVERANCE’ Rover and ‘INGENUITY’ Helicopter, on 20 July 2020 by NASA, is a great turning point in my life. I have been very much keen in Space Research, amongst others, since my childhood. Besides, I wanted to be the First Astronaut of Mauritius. I had already passed my Aptitude Test with 74% marks to start my scientific journey at London Computer Operators Training Centre in 1973. As from there, I had also opted to work at NASA, after that training. Unfortunately, financial constraints did not allow me to fly to London at that time. My trip did not start and my mission got frustrated. Although I have not been having the chance to reach NASA or any other space research center, I am still PERSEVERING to share my knowledge to the world. If you log in to my Website, you may see some of my efforts and suggestions:

Mr Alex Junior merits our congratulations for baptising the Rover as ‘PERSEVERANCE’ and to others for Helicopter ‘INGENUITY’.

The prevailing CORONA VIRUS Pandemic teaches us to Stay Isolated in case of contamination. But, contrarily, Space Exploration cannot be done in Isolation. However, I am pleased to learn that almost all NASA Teams are forced to work from home, because of the exigencies of COVID 19. This also proves that Innovation is needed by one and all. Besides, my office is already at my Home since 2 decades.

Whatever any creature does, is under the RADARS or ROVERS of ALMIGHTY GOD. When you work in your laboratory or station, ALMIGHTY GOD helps you when you keep your ‘Spirit of PERSEVERANCE’ alive. It is HE, who guides you towards your goals and achievements. GOD likes all those who tread towards the unknown in order to eventually shout ‘EUREKA’. It is HE who empowers Human Intelligence, especially Knowledge which is endowed on you for the Welfare of Humanity.

I use to encourage all the scientists, researchers and observers through my different articles published in my Website- The main reason is that all these people expose their life, energy and findings, coupled with costly and sophisticated equipment and resources, for the good benefit of Mankind. Moreover, all the data/information which these people disseminate are done Free of Charge. Such has been my personal congratulations and thanks-giving to the teams of National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Joint Typhoon Warning Center, India Meteorological Department, Météo-France and others.

Let me, please, go back to my small article regarding Mars and Space Research. I am very proud to take cognizance of my own Predictions. The COVID 19 Pandemic fits exactly in my explanation of ‘Mass-Extinction’ mentioned therein. I am inviting you to make some reflections.

My first question is, ‘how do you see and interpret the difference between the Corona Virus Front-Liners in Hospitals and those who are striving night and day at NASA JPL?’ The first ones are fighting to combat the Invisible Virus in hospitals and to find out VACCINES/cures in Laboratories. The second ones are assembling all the spare parts in Laboratories of JPL and preparing for the launching of ‘’PERSEVERANCE’. Both teams are working on different sectors- of Health and of Space. This is my interpretation, isn’t it?

My second question is, ‘do you notice that both Teams are dressed and equipped almost alike, like Astronauts and equally carrying out sanitary cares? It is clearly visible that, while working, both teams are wearing personal protective equipment, masks, googles, gloves and face shields.

My explanation is that both Teams, with different mandates, have a common goal:  to adapt to ‘Mass-Extinction’ and to ‘Space Exploration/Migration’. However, the way in which and the slow speed at which all the two sets of teams are operating seem worrying for me. Neither of the two teams has, respectively, been able to find a Cure for CORONA VIRUS, nor any Discovery of any civilization beyond this Blue Marble.

That is why my stand point indicates that Human Intelligence is still in stagnation, as explained in my article in my Website. Therefore, all scientists and researchers are obliged to accelerate new Discoveries both at Health and Space levels. Time is running short and we are all late in Migrating to other Planets. It seems impossible with this lethargic trend. Once more, I suggest that you take cognizance of the various explanations and requests made therein.

Just imagine that two centuries ago there was just over 1 billion Humans. Since then the number has grown 7 times today, i.e. 7 billion. Moreover, each second one is dying and each second two are taking birth. This means that the population growth is double the number of deaths. Today at 08.45 hours 29 June 2020, there are 7,794,699,564 Human beings in this Blue Planet. Estimates on total deaths worldwide say about over 100 billion, although.

The question is ‘how this Blue Marble will be able to sustain life of this overpopulation in face of depleting sustainable resources?’ The answer lies in Migration to other Planets. Unfortunately, Mankind has not yet Discovered any Habitable Planet for meeting this purpose, in spite of Hubble and others. That is why, I say that Human Intelligence has stagnated and diverted. Furthermore, it is unscientific, illogical, selfish and irreligious to believe that we are the only humans living in the Universe. There are lots of Planets inhabited by Humankind with different stages of Civilizations: some lesser developed and others possessing higher Human Intelligence. Such Habited Planets are dispersed in the Universe and appear inaccessible to modern Astrologers, Astronomers and Astronauts, in spite of modern resources. This Blue Marble is ‘GOD’s Laboratory’. ALMIGHTY GOD is responsible for establishing all these according to His Divine Law. GOD wants us to use Human Intelligence-Science-Knowledge to probe into the Universe to discover other civilizations. However, whatever Mankind will discover will eventually be only a slight fraction of God’s whole Creation. This is the Human limitation.

So, scientists, researchers and observers must not take things for granted and must continue probing, innovating and PERSEVERING in this direction. No doubt, Time is very short.

On one side, the 20th century was known as the Space Age, in which a series of Space Discoveries were achieved. However, everything has not been revealed to the public. Mars resources, including others, have been kept secret out of jealousy in addition to many space probing failures.

On the other hand, this 21st millennium, known as the Information and Communication Technology Age, is already 20 years old and there are no new findings conducive to expected progress, despite Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity (Phoenix?) and, Hubble, Voyager, etc. This century is at a cross road and Mankind is under the obligation to probe forward rapidly. The main reason is that all possible degradations on Human Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Plant Kingdom have and are still under over-saturation and over-exploitation. The Warning Signs are apparent on land, oceans and atmosphere world-wide during the 2015-2017, according to my Predictions mentioned in the article. That is why the CORONA VIRUS has emerged and propagated across all lands and oceans to teach a series of lessons to Humans. No one is being spared. ALMIGHTY GOD has already started the sanctions. Those who have lost and those who are on the edge of losing their life because of CORONA VIRUS, are guaranteed of Heaven. Those who are mal-administering, degrading human affairs and causing human sufferings are undergoing the pangs of this CURSE. In addition, this Pandemic is resurging exponentially. Consequently, Human Intelligence is at rampant disruptions and has fallen into the DARK HOLES. Humans- religious, laity, political leaders and scientists do not seem to understand this. Yet, MERS and SARS heralded it. Ebola is also contributing to Human suffering.

In view of following the sparks of Illumination, I have suggested in my Article that Mars is to be used as a Space-Stop and a Workshop, from where other pathways should be fostered. Experiments on vegetable growing in Space and of INGENUITY Helicopter are laudable efforts. Such endeavours and new ones should grow speedily, as the mutations of COVID 19 into COVID 20, COVID 21, 22, 23… are nearby and MASS-EXTINCTIONS will be inevitable. In addition, the WOOBLE Phases will then be triggered and Human Kinds will definitely perish worse than the Extinctions of the Jurassic Era. Moreover, Life does NOT evolve in a straight line. Its track is rather circular, in which the End Point fuses with the Starting Point. This cycle is likely to take place each 6,000 years, to which point we are all nearing.

The production, by NASA teams, of a COVID 19 Ventilator explains the rapidity with which NASA is capable. Yet, other inventions are inherent. ALMIGHTY GOD will no doubt help you in this direction. You should have noticed that policy makers and public institutions, educational programmes and commercial activities across the world are being carried out through video conferencing, distance learning and on line communications. This indicates that Science must move forward and innovate with the Intelligence endowed to Humans.

More than 3billion of world population: rich, poor, haves and have-nots have been halted by CORONA alone. The strategies carried out, amongst others, by the USA (top listed), UK, France, Italy, Spain and China to combat COVID 19 are very poor and lamentable. They pretend to be super powers, yet they have proved their powerlessness. India’s contamination was rather late and slow. However, the high job mobility of migrant workers, sudden closure of economic and air flights locked downs, coupled with the large landmass of this sub-continent, caused spikes rapidly. Today 28 June 2020, COVID 19 Positive cases have reached over 528,000 with 55.42 % of recovery and only 16,095 deaths, as compared to the higher rates of deaths in European countries and poor China. Worldwide contaminations have reached nearly 10 Million (9,825,539) and 495,388 Deaths as at 28 June 2020-WHO.

Researchers have forecast, according to international reporters, that COVID 19 Positive cases to reach 61 million contaminations world-wide. So, everyone is at risk.

My Prediction of COVID 19 for Mauritius was done on 20 March 2020, just two days after the first 3 cases were reported. They are as follows: ‘Corona Virus related Deaths will be between 10 to 15 and Contaminations will reach 350’. In fact, 10 lost their life and 341 are contaminated with 326 recoveries, with Hydroxychloroquine, Plasma transfusion donated by those who have recovered and other medications. It is more than 27 days after which there is no new case and only 5 Active patient. These figures indicate that my Predictions are almost Perfect. Moreover, almost all activities have re-opened, except air flights pending international re-opening. More than 7,000 citizens of Mauritius are stranded world-wide, including cruise ships and repatriations are very meagre for the time being.

To come back to the launching of ‘PERSEVERANCE’ Rover on 20 July 2020, it is undoubtedly a world scientific event with my personal interest. I humbly suggest to NASA JPL and would much appreciate:

1.  If the Boarding Pass- M2M878920606150 granted to me by NASA can be exhibited on reaching MARS Soil together with the national flag of Mauritius- my Motherland. Kindly, refer to same in the attachment below. Besides, I am also a ‘Frequent Flyer’ since 2015, whose Boarding Pass- J2M2168720814711 was also granted by NASA on May 2018. See attachments;

2.  To let me have access to documentations, data/information, photos, videos, etc. related to the MARS and SPACE Explorations, in order to enhance my scientific knowledge and also to share mine and

3.  Kindly, reply to me by giving your comments, advice and support. I am at your disposal for any communication required.

In addition, I am also writing a document on the theme ‘Disaster Resilience is the Wealth of the Nation’ to be submitted to the Prime of Mauritius soon. I will mention about this NASA Event in a paragraph dealing with my ‘Future Predictions’, including several Man-Made and Natural Events which have already occurred.

I pray that the 2.4B$+ available for NASA Mars Missions with Mother- ‘PERSEVERANCE’ and Baby-‘INGENUITY’ and other related inspiring probes be fully successful and dissipate the ‘7 Minutes of Terror’. I congratulate you in advance. May the 20 July 2020 be in furtherance to 20 July 1969 with Armstrong’s ‘Small Step’ now to become a more ‘Giant Leap’ for us all.

Please, refer to the attachments below.

Best Regards to all.

Preabruth KANHYE.


Full-Time & Freelance Researcher in Social and Natural Sciences,

SME Consultant, Social Worker/Reporter.

Member: World Organization for Scientific Co-operation (WOSCO) Germany.

Address: Republic of Mauritius.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Website-



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