ESAMI Moderate Tropical Storm 5th Cyclone for Season 2019-2020 Another Phenomenon for South-West Indian Ocean

ESAMI Moderate Tropical Storm
5th Cyclone for Season 2019-2020
Another Phenomenon for South-West Indian Ocean

The South-West Indian Ocean Basin is under the onslaught of a Weather Phenomenon since 2015 in the form of FLOOD STORMS, as mentioned in earlier articles. A series of Low Pressures continue to evolve in this Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and along the Monsoon Trough, with lots of uncertainties. A Tropical Disturbance evolved out of a Low Pressure South-West of Diego Garcia since 16 January 2020 was named as 94S INVEST as per JTWC, an International Center. It intensified further slowly into a Depression around 19 January reaching Cyclone Status, as mentioned by JTWC and Météo-France-Réunion (MFR) which is the Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC). However, the TD was not named by the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS) despite JTWC and MFR. The MMS concentrated much more on the Disturbances located between Madagascar and Mauritius and the Mozambique Channel.


A Low Pressure between Madagascar and Mauritius caused a Heavy Rain Warning Communique for Mauritius on Tuesday 21 January. All schools were kept closed on Wednesday 22 January, as a maximum of 86.6 mm of Rains were recorded by MMS. The Warning was waived at 22.10 hrs on same day. Reunion Island was also under a maximum of 225.2 mm of Rains. A Heavy Rain Warning was eventually issued for Rodrigues Island at 4.15 am on Thursday 23 January.


A Tropical Disturbance which was formed, around 19 January 2020, in the Mozambique Channel crossed the mountainous landmass of Madagascar by causing losses of lives therein. It cruised eastwards at a speed of 25 km towards the Mascarene Islands. While the Tropical Disturbance reached 740 km West North-West of Mauritius Cyclone Warning Class 1 was issued by Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS) at 22.10 hrs on Thursday 23 January 2020. The Cyclone Warning was upgraded to Class 2 at 4.10 hrs on Friday 24 January when the Disturbance was centred at 680 km West North-West of Mauritius.

The Tropical Disturbance intensified as Tropical Depression during the day. It was located at 200 km North-West of Mauritius when it was baptised as DIANE Moderate Tropical Storm by yesterday late afternoon- 19.10 hrs Friday 24 January 2020. A Cyclone Warning Class 3 was issued by the MMS. At 22.10 hrs a Cyclone Warning Class 1 was published regarding Rodrigues.

In the Forecast Bulletin of 4.30 am Saturday 25 January 2020 the Cyclone Warning for Mauritius was waived. Furthermore, the other Tropical Depression located East South-East of Rodrigues was named as ESAMI Moderate Tropical Storm at 4.00 am:

<<<Supplementary Information:

The tropical depression which was evolving to the East-South-East of Rodrigues has intensified into a Moderate Tropical Storm and has been named ESAMI by the Mauritius Meteorological Services at 0400 hours this morning.

It will not influence weather in Mauritius and Rodrigues. However, the situation is being monitored very closely.>>>

Keep Watch for Updates.

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The Cyclone Warning Class 1 which was in force for Rodrigues because of the Trajectory made by Moderate Tropical Storm DIANE. The System was centred, at 10.00 hrs Saturday 25 January 2020, at 360 km West of Rodrigues at Latitude 20.60 South and Longitude 60.00 East. It was moving at an accelerated speed of 35 kph towards the South-East.

<<< Sur cette trajectoire DIANE passera à son point le plus rapproché à plus de 200 km au sud ouest de Rodrigues dans l'après-midi. De ce fait le risque d'avoir des rafales de l'ordre de 100 km/h sur l' ile est faible.

Par conséquent l'avertissement de cyclone a été levé.

Aucun avertissement de cyclone n'est en vigueur à Rodrigues.

Le temps à Rodrigues sera nuageux avec des averses passagères surtout dans la soirée.
Le vent soufflera du nord-ouest à environ 40 km/h avec des rafales pouvant atteindre les 85 km/h par endroits.

La mer sera très forte et houleuse. Les sorties en mer sont déconseillées.


So, the MMS thought it to be wise in waiving the Cyclone Warning regarding Rodrigues.

Furthermore, Moderate Tropical Storm ESAMI was located at 10.00 am Saturday 25 January 2020 at 1040 km East South-East of Rodrigues, i.e at Latitude 23.6 degrees South and Longitude 72.7 degrees East. So, the MMS mentions that ESAMI will not influence Weather in Mauritius and Rodrigues.


However, lots of contradictory Advisories have been published by the MMS today 25 January at 11.00 am. These may cause much confusion to the public. Mentions have been made that the external bands of clouds associated with DIANE MTS will generate Swells with Winds blowing at 40 kph, gusting to 85 kph regarding Rodrigues.

RAINFALLS past 24 hours in Mascarene Islands.

Rodrigues: negligible.

Mauritius: maximum  67.4 mm at Grand Bassin; 55.9 mm at Mare Aux Vacoas and 51.8 mm at Mon Bois.

Reunion: Grand Coude-442.7 mm; Cilaos-119.7 mm; Plaine des Cafres-115.7 mm and Le Baril-115.3 mm.


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