"Mourir Sans Partager, C’est Partir En Voleur"-(Fren)

To Die Without Sharing, Means Running Away As a Thief"-(Eng)


Mr. Kanhye, Disaster Consultant

Mr. KANHYE has 21 years experience in SME Career and thereafter (1995), he embarked on research in Natural and Social Sciences on a full-time basis. Before that event, he underwent training in SME Consultancy under UNIDO/ UNDP Programme in Madagascar, Comoros Island and Mauritius in 1984-85. Around the same year he got training as Trainer/Motivator under the guidance of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India.
Furthermore, he attended another Training under Jawaharlall Nehru Institute of Development Banking (JNIDB) in Hyderabad, India in 1993.

He is a Diploma Holder from the University of Mauritius. He is well versed in Traditional Knowledge, Indigenous Knowledge and Scientific Knowledge, History, Archaeology, Human Rights, Politics, Social issues, Spiritual Matters, etc.

As a strong believer in Universality of God and in Oneness of mankind, he is a well-wisher of all religions. He is a defender of non-violence and a promoter of peace and harmony. He has been a Model Cub Leader, a sportsman, a boy scout and a PIONEER in various walks of life.


Mr. KANHYE has encountered at least 4 denials by the local media between years 1999-2012; e.g. the MBC radio/tv boycotted his press conference in Rodrigues in October 2012; all the three private radios and all newspapers did not attend his press conference in December 2012 in Port Louis. His objective was to Alert the starting of Cyclones and Floods as from the beginning of 2013. This was based on his PREDICTION in which he said that Disastrous Cyclones like Gervaise, Hollanda and Kalunde would not visit us during 2007-2012, but soon after. This was one of his best long term PREDICTION. Cyclone DUMILE of 01 January 2013, TORRENTIAL RAIN of 13 February 2013 and DEADLY/MEGA FLASH FLOOD of 30 March 2013 prove his 100% perfect PREDICTION.


His first article ‘La chaine de la honte’ was published in 2005 by the newly launched ‘Observer’-a weekly regional newspaper of the north of the island. Unfortunately, it closed down very early. He then decided to launch his own press unit.


With the opening of his Website, it will be the undeniable platform to share his views, findings, researches, observations and Predictions.

Mr. KANHYE is gifted in Predicting natural and man-made events and calamities. A few of his masterpieces are: the air crash of South African Airways in November 1987, the Riot of February 1999, the Tsunami of 26 December 2004, and the recent Torrential Rain of 13 February 2013 and the Deadly Flash Flood of 30 March 2013.


The aims and objectives of this Born Patriot are to keep probing into the issues of Climate, Weather and other catastrophes like Tsunamis, volcanism, etc. His strategy is to ride harder his ‘cheval de bataille’ in raising Awareness, Preparedness and Mitigation of the Impacts of Disasters for the well-being of mankind at local, regional and international levels. His ultimate goal is to build a Disaster-Resilient-Society and to promote International Protocols and Conventions to which Mauritius has adhered, and which appear to be discarded by the Policy Makers and the responsible institutions.


He is a member of World Organization for Scientific Cooperation (WOSCO)-Munich.

Other fields of his research are Health Care, Space Exploration, and Energy.


His motto is to foster lifelong learning, voluntarism, devoted duty, and spirit of sharing.

He expresses his hearty thanks to EUMETSAT for allowing use of METEOSAT 7 SATELLITE FOOTPRINT, to DEUTSCHER WETTERDIENST (German Weather Service) for free access to data/information, to NASA/US for its regular dynamic messages/data/information, to JAXA (Japan), NOAA/US, JTWC/US, METEO-FRANCE, SAWS (S.Africa), UN, WMO, PTWC, BESTANIMATION and others for other scientific information. 





UPDATED 08 JUNE 2016: Unprecedented Track Record.


Mr. KANHYE has been riding his ‘Cheval de Bataille’ very dynamically. The milestones entrenched successfully are as follows:

He informed the World Meteorological Organisation/ African Ministerial Committee on Meteorology (WMO/AMCOMET), Geneva, just two days before the Mega Flash Flood of 30 March 2013 in Mauritius, that around 17 member states out of 57 of Region 1 Africa do not seem to provide meteorological services according to their Mission Statement. After a survey, WMO released the information ,in 2015, that 70 out of the 191 member states do not do so. He stressed on the fact that there are more than a dozen loopholes in the Mauritius Meteorological Services. The Director thereof, is unwilling to redress the situation in spite of instructions from the WMO.


He sensitized the WMO repeatedly since 2013 to introduce Traditional Knowledge, as a component of ‘Life-Saving-Tools’ in Early Warning Systems and also be recognized as complementary to Scientific Forecasts of Natural Calamities. WMO duly recognized that Traditional, Indigenous and Local Knowledge/Practices (TIKL/P) should be considered by Scientists/Meteorologists, etc.;


Observations of Clouds’ from the Ground should be considered to complement Satellite Observations. On 01 October 2015, WMO decided to revive the First ‘International Cloud Atlas of 1896’, updated in 1956 as Volumes I & II and revised in 1987. Hong Kong Observatory has been mandated the accomplish this task. A photo competition was also launched on 23 March 2016-World Meteorological Day.

Mr KANHYE has decided to construct the ‘South Indian Ocean Cloud Atlas’. Many examples of Clouds have been uploaded in different articles and others will follow soon;


As a Devoted Researcher, he is looking forward to collaborate with the Intergovernmental Pannel on Climate Change (IPCC) in view of sharing his Scientific Findings, WMO being agreeable thereto;


He Predicted ‘Cyclone FANTALA‘ 25 days (18 March 2016) before it was named by the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS) on 11 April. His Forecast Track was the best of all-JTWC/NRL, Météo-France, Météo-Madagascar and MMS. 'FANTALA' became a Record-Breaker not only in South-West Indian Ocean, but also for this Website. Before the Newsletter related to it was disseminated, more than 1240 readers viewed it.  See articles;

Today, there are more than 549 Newsletters which are disseminated, from his Website across the world, reachable to 120 (191-70-1) WMO members, WMO Geneva Head Quarters,  International Scientists, and local policy makers/citizens and others. Lots of other recepients are reachable from Facebook and Twitter accounts. In addition, the subscription is in the increase day by day;


You should have noticed that this Website has been upgraded with full of applications and INNOVATIONS, which are still on the move. All is reachable through any pc, laptop, tablet or smart phone AND


Given, the Pioneering Attitude of this Born Patriot, ‘KREOL’–the mother tongue of Mauritians will be introduced soon in articles, videos, gifs, animations, slide-shows, power-points etc.


So, keep watch on these and also on his PREDICTIONS for 2017-2019 and 2020-2025.


Updated: 29 May 2017

Another milestone engraved by Mr KANHYE’s ‘Cheval de Bataille’ is the unprecedented Medium Term Prediction of Climate and Weather for period 07 January to May 2017. It is another Record Breaking example. This has been highlighted in his article: ‘SUMMER OUTLOOK SEASON 2016-2017 For SOUTH INDIAN OCEAN’.  It is the BEST of all: Météo-France-Réunion, Mauritius Meteorological Services, Météo Madagascar, Seychelles  National Meteorological Services and Australian Bureau Of Meteorology. All his PREDICTIONS have been 100% Perfect, namely:

‘Change in Climate and Weather Pattern’;

NB: CARLOS which is the next name in the cyclone list is in the pipeline to form after the second week of January 2017. A FLOOD STORM, too, is preceding this System’;

‘There is High Confidence as to the first Systems for 2017 will form in the Mozambique Channel and/or near Madagascar’;

March, which is the peak of the South-West Indian Ocean Monsoon System, is Predicted to offer scenarios of Extreme Weather Conditions with Floods coupled with Disastrous Cyclones’ and

‘ONLY 4 Cyclone formations’.

All these have been marked by one Flood Storm(15-17 January 2017), CARLOS Tropical Cyclone (04-07 February 2017), DINEO Tropical Cyclone (13-15 February 2017), ENAWO Intense Tropical Cyclone (07-09 March 2017) and FERNANDO Moderate Tropical Cyclone (14-15 March 2017). ENAWO made landfall in Madagascar tracking along from the North to the South causing Extreme Weather Conditions and humanitarian crisis.  


Mr KANHYE is currently touring India, Nepal and Asia since 12 May 2017 to study the South-West Monsoon System and the Indian Ocean Dipole System.. See articles. 


Researcher PKANHYE has returned to Mauritius after 12 May-06 October 2017. 

He is much thankful to all the Wonderful Personalities he met, for their precious support and help.

Kindly, read the articles for more information and enhance your KNOWLEDGE, better.

















Updated: 24 October 2017 (UN Day).

Disaster Resilience – the ‘Wealth-of-the-Nation’


Mr PKANHYE is once more on Mission India to implement his 2nd Phase since 19 December 2018. He met Deputy Director General KS Hosalikar on 20 December 2018 at Colaba, Mumbai, India Regional Meteorological Centre. The issues discussed were Disaster Resilience- the ‘Wealth-of-the-Nation’, the Role of the Media as a Multi-Sectoral Stakeholder in the Early Warning Systems (EWS) as per WMO and UNISDR. The implementation of Traditional, Indigenous and Local Knowledge/Practices (TILK/P) as being complementary to Scientific Forecasts of Natural Hazards, was another topic of discussion.



He flew to Chennai and had another meeting, on 24 December 2018, with the Deputy Director General S. Balachandran of Regional Meteorological Centre (IMD) at Chennai, India. The same debate was undertaken. Besides, Researcher PKANHYE had already mentioned in article GAJA Severe Cyclonic Storm that he intends to enquire the reasons why 33 people lost their life during the passage of the Weather Event. No doubt, the Media played a negative role in Disaster Resilience, the Forecasts and Warnings issued by IMD being Perfect. Moreover, language barrier was another reason, as the population of Tamil Nadu is rather  a closed society.


NB: Both Dy DGs are agreeable to support the Projects of PKANHYE.


Updated from Vanarasi, India.

Keep Watch for more


PKANHYE: 10.45 pm TUESDAY 08 JANUARY 2019.


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